Rainbow Bubbles! Perfect Celebratory Dessert

Yaaaaaaaay!  The recipe for this bubbly, refreshing, delicious family favorite dessert just got featured on my favorite little corner of the blogiverse to find recipes and food prep techniques - Foodwhirl!

Instant dessert! Perfect anytime treat! Did I mention deliciousPop over to Foodwhirl, get the recipe and give it a try - today!

And while you are there, be sure to take a few minutes and see what's new!

Like how to boil an egg!  We all know how to do that - right?  But how to do it so the peel slips off easily? 

How to make fancy chocolate curls!  Way easier than the method I have been using for years - which I won't even mention!

Overnight Pork Roast - it cooks while you are sleeping!

And a few new recipes I just have to make for my sweetie!

      * Simple (almost) Summer Salad  (corn, tomato and avacado - OMG)

      * Tres Leches Cake for Cinco de Mayo (why not any old time!)

      * Waffled Monte Cristo Sandwich  ( I LOVE Monte Cristos!)

      * Roasted Broccli with Feta Cheese (So good even kids will eat it!)

And be sure to check out Dot's excellent suggestions for creating Chicken on a Budget: Multiple meal parts for $2.78.  Brilliant!

I have been making Rainbow Bubbles for my family for - well - 30 years!  They still ask for it often!  Try it out and let me know what you think!




I love Foodwhirl! Now, as for

I love Foodwhirl!

Now, as for the rainbow... I know I'm going to love this.
I'll give you a report!