Lots of Links to Crafty Goodness for the Winter Holidays



Your eyes deceive you not! Sunday - Halloween - Antonio, Sophia and I dressed up in our costumes and made Christmas ornaments!

Time was running out FAST! It was the end of the month and we  had two projects on the list that were still unfinished from our craft day in mid October in preparation for this very post!

Antonio asked a couple of times why we were making Christmas ornaments on Halloween. Well - I guess it is time he find out that if he is going to hang out with me, he had better get used to me being - well  - unconventional!


This post is all about fantabulous holiday ornaments! I selected several from my bookmarks to try out with my little crafting buddies and I will share those first.

Then I will share a whole bunch of projects that never even started out as ornaments at all but ... each one would be a great addition to any holiday tree!

And finally, a few ideas here that actually are holiday ornaments or projects.

Like the one above - Gail's (That Artist Woman) trees were created for use with corrugated paper, but I found they work great with card weight paper too. Check out the easy peasy tutorial right here! I am hanging mine on my tree, but they would be so cute around a gingerbread house too! For wee hands - pre-cut and then let the children glue and embellish.  Sophia especially loved using adhesive backed sparkles.


I found these adorable Paper Birds at All About You. So, so simple and quick to make - especially important when your crafty buddies are itchin' to start pillaging the neighborhood in search of candy!


These little snowmen are so much fun to make. They were the last craft of the day on our "official" crafty day and it is a good thing I bought a pair of socks for each of the children - they really didn't want to stop - even at two! I showed them the picture that accompanies the tutorial and it was love at first site. This craft actually got me a big hug from Antonio - something I rarely get from him. Be sure to click to the tutorial on Kleas - her snowmen are adorable!


Cinnamon dough ornaments were a huge hit! Have to share this shot - I  sort of turned them loose with the cookie cutters with instructions to try to cut as many as possible from the rolled out dough. Are they amazing or what! I had no hand in this!


The tutorial, from Homemade Mamas is very well written and illustrated. And if you are as lucky as me - maybe some little hands will make you a special ornament of your own!


We have all heard of bird seed cakes being made with peanut butter or lard. But these clever little treats for your woodland friends are actually held together with gelatin! Be sure to give this recipe shared by The Magic Onions a try. You will love how easy it is to handle once the gelatin hardens and dries out. After setting up in the fridge, I unmolded mine and let them sit out at room temperature for a few hours to completely dry and harden.


The children made theirs to hang on the trees for the birds! I did too but...


I just had to save one for the "inside" tree!


Good thing too because the one I left outside was devoured immediately! (Shot through a screen and window - sorry.)

And now for some great ideas that were never intended as holiday ornaments!

Before going any further, a big thank you to all the lovely people who allowed me to use their photographs to illustrate the tutorials.


A couple years back, Lolly Chops created Abraham Owl and then proceeded to make sure he had a proper family! I just had to have one of her owls on my Christmas tree so I modified her pattern a bit to make a "North American Tuft-eared Snowy Owl".


Photo by Maedchenmitherz.

Made one of these little guys too! A year ago! Haven't put it away yet! You are going to love how easy these are.And how they make you giggle every time you look! And a bonus!  You can use up bits and pieces of yarn and felt left over from other projects!

Oh how I wish I had a picture to share of some of the most creative  softies I have ever seen - made using chidren's art. Go visit and then tell me if you don't think these are the ultimate grandma ornaments! I absolutely love this idea for both a softy and for an ornament! An ornament that will likely embarrass your child during teenage, but become a family treasure as years go by.

finished cards

Photo by Art, Adventures and a Toddler

Totally amazing aren't they? These delightful little creatures were designed as Valentine cards - but wait -cut a front and back from blue for Hanukkah or red and green for Christmas, and add a tiny bit of stuffing and a hanger and wouldn't Tamara's little monsters make the best ornaments ever?


Photo by Art, Adventures and a Toddler

Her Christmas versions are here! My favorite - the gingerbread monster with the snowflake heart! I bet you find that surprising!

August 2010 043

Robin from RSISLANDCRAFTS  is one of the busiest gals I know (See her work on Artfire and Etsy) but not too busy to indulge her desire to make these delightful little sea creatures featured on Futuregirl Craft blog. You can download the PDF files for every one of these little "ornaments" for free.

Robin is also trying to put together a Stocking giveaway - see details here and keep an eye on her site for more.


Photo by Creative Jewish Mom

Anyone who knows me would bet I would fall for these! Sarah, our own Creative Jewis Mom, created these for decorating a Sukkah. (See more photos here of Sukkah.) But I think they would be fabulous adorning any holiday tree or swag of evergreens.

Here are a few more of Sarah's tutorials - all would adapt to most any holiday or birthday decorating beautifully.


Photo by Creative Jewish Mom

Beautiful Flower Globes


Photo by Creative Jewish Mom

Paper Party Decorations


Photo by Creative Jewish Mom

Eggshell Holiday Ornaments

It has been a holiday tradition for a long, long time - since my Mother was about three or four - to have an elephant ornament on the tree.  She still places that very first elephant ornament on her own tree every year and just a few years back gave each of her children an elephant for their own trees.

So - when I saw this precious felt and emboridery elephant on All About You, I knew I would have to make one like him! Don't you think he would look perfect nestled among the tree branches?


Photo by Heather at Dollar Store Crafts

Heather  featured these little lanterns this summer on the Salty Pineapple blog. They would be perfect as tree ornaments, don't you think? If you are using led's, you should be able to tuck a light inside of them!

Personally, I think these incredible Paper Lotus Flowers would be stunning on a tree or wreath. I have a terrible feeling though that I won't get to make these til next year! Parents Ideas was featured on Crafty Crow for good reason! Check these out! I think they would be gorgeous in blue and white as a Hanukkah centerpiece


Photo by That Artist Woman

Gail's paper mache birds would love spending the holidays perched on the branches of a Christmas tree at your house! And certainly at mine!


Photo by Butterfly Jungle

Wouldn't miniature versions of Janice's stained glass be gorgeous hung in front of tiny tree lights. Her ideas could be applied to advent candles as well as ornaments! Impresive results using tissue paper, Mod Podge and tape.

Yarn Sheep 4

Photo by Carolyn at Homework

I am so making these fuzzy little sheep! I don't know when, but I am so making them. Aren't they totally adorable? And perfect ornaments! Don't you just want to squeeze one right this minute?


Photo by Zencrafting

These little origami stars are so easy and would be a perfect ornament made in a pretty holiday paper and embellished with sparkly things! I have become quite the fan of paper stars and these are my most favorite.

Danish flags! Absolutely belong on holiday trees! Here is a set to download and cut out. Paper Matrix shared them for Vladimir's Day, but they are a must for Christmas too! If you haven't discovered this site already, you will want to drop by and explore.  The woven paper hearts are unbelievable - like this one for instance!

Nissers may not look exactly like one of the seven dwarfs, but there is a strong resemblance! I am thinking these tissue paper roll dwarfs from Disney Family.com could be adapted to look like Nissers!


Photo by Kathy at Polwig.com

Kathy originally used pop can stars to create a bracelet - but I am thinking the idea could be used to create garlands!

And Kathy's brilliant little sand paper and yarn project, designed to keep kids entertained while traveling or waiting could become an interactive ornament - different every hour!

For an ornament that lasts a little longer, Kathy provides this recipe for salt dough. Diane and I used to make salt dough ornaments all the time when she was little. And BTW - House on the Hill molds work great with salt dough!


Photo by Diane of Craftypod

Speaking of Diane - here is a little recent needlepoint pendant tutorial she posted that would make beautiful ornaments. PC works up so quickly and seems to appeal to most children. You can assist with the loop for hanging and the backing. I would suggest larger hole canvas for tiny fingers.


Photo by Elizabeth Carls

Elizabeth's Fabric Flowers are quick and easy and can be made up using bits and pieces of whatever is lying around! I think they are so festive looking. They would work just as well as gift toppers or window decor.

And just a few more ideas that actually were originally designed for celebrating the Winter Holidays!


Photo by The Papey Pony

Bethany shares how to make these lovely little dried slices of citrus. I just love this photo and how she captured the translucent fruit. Not always easy! Diane and I made a pact to make these together!

Lolly Chops created these Smooshy Stack Trees last year and I have been thinking they would make adorable ornaments ever since! Lolly seems to think the fabric might need a bit of stiffening to hold it's shape while hanging on a tree. Neither of us has had time to experiment! But you might!

Be sure to visit Margit's blog. She has already started posting little ornaments for the holidays to be printed and cut and hung! A couple of her latest holiday baskets - here and here. It would be worth your time to browse her site because she has designed some gorgeous papers which would work great for the Origami Stars or the little Paper Birds.

Futuregirl posted a how-to for this sweet little deer. Can't you just see this little guy nestled among tree branches or peaking out from behind a bush in a holiday village?


Photo by  Claire of Poopscape Projects

I have always had mushrooms on my tree. The ornaments I remember most vividly from my earliest childhood trees (three years old) were little glass mushrooms. So - now days, they are the first ornaments hung. Don't you  love the look of these little sequin mushrooms hiding in the tree!

Muffin Tin Mom gives us another bright idea for using tissue rolls - make some pretty spectacular snowflake ornaments. I would have made some with Sophia and Antonio, but I have promised their mother never, to ever bring glitter into her house again!! BUT that doesn't mean I can't make some of these sparkly snowflakes for me! A whole bunch of these hanging from the ceiling would be beautiful!

And for those of you who share my love for working with metal - sheet or foil or pie plates - doesn't matter - check out this beautiful little dove featured on Woman's Day. Diane and I found the wing construction impressive and easy!


Believed to be the first Danish heart made by Hans Christian Anderson

Now for a little extra blog love!

After putting this link post together, I have even more respect than ever (if that is possible) for Rachel - One Pretty Thing and Cassi - the Crafty Crow. I don't know how in the world they do what they do! This post took hours! HOURS and HOURS! I don't mind cause I love you guys and it is given in love. And... I had a pretty good idea when I decided to do it months ago it would be a lot of work!

Fortunately for Cassie and Rachel, they have more skills and technological know-how at their command than I do.  One of these huge link posts a YEAR is enough for me! They do it every day - sometimes several times a day!

If it weren't for these two amazing women, I wouldn't have ever known about at least half the tutorials I have shared with you. Cassi and Rachel  provide every crafter who visits them a huge service; and I encourage  everyone reading to pop over to their sites and give them a big comment hug of thanks! They so deserve it.

One Pretty Thing and The Crafty Crow are your best bet for keeping up with the whirlwind of holiday crafty goodness for the next couple months so visit them often.

Christmas in your house must

Christmas in your house must be amazing... a wonderful post, thank you!

Wonderful post, Pam, and

Wonderful post, Pam, and thank you so much for linking to The Crafty Crow and your kind words!

i loved all the lovely

i loved all the lovely examples of christmas and holiday creations. the tree caught my eye and i was so disappointed that i could not get the template for it. i searched for something similar but so far, no luck. is there another place i cold get a template such as that? it would set the tone for the holidays around here.

loved the article-and love the effort you put into your writings.

thanks in advance

Shari, the template appears

Shari, the template appears as a link.  The third item listed under materials needed is Christmas Tree template.  It is highlighted.  Click and it magically appears just like presents under a tree! Have fun!

Aww Pam!!! I have the biggest

Aww Pam!!! I have the biggest smile on my face right now. Reading your kind words has made my week. You're amazing! And your list is fabulous! What a great batch of festive projects!

So many great things!

So many great things!

Oh, my goodness, I'm going to

Oh, my goodness, I'm going to bookmark this post and come back to it! Thank you for sharing all those links, there are some amazing crafts here, and some I may even attempt with my kids!

I love this list of links!

I love this list of links! Thanks for compiling some fun things to do. I think I will do something with PC for my children to make for their grandparents. My Mom loves the stuff so I know it will be a hit with her! I could not agree more with you about One Pretty Thing and the Crafty Crow rocking! They compile amazing stuff for all of us to view in mere moments! I'm intrigued by the quilled looking ornaments. This is something I've wanted to get into forever. I remember my Mom used to do it and had remnants in an old fashioned music box! Maybe this year! ;)

Pam, great way to start my

Pam, great way to start my day today.....
these projects will be on my list too!
Congrats - I see the decorated Matruska dolls
are on One Pretty Thing today!!!!

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for including my lanterns in your post! I still love your pinata advent calendar for Crafty Winter Goodness! :)

This is an absolutely

This is an absolutely *fabulous* list! I babysit, nanny, and substitute teach and can't wait to do some of these projects with my favorite kids. Starting with the birdseed cakes, which I'll try out with a certain bird-loving toddler next week. Thank you for all the great ideas!

Wow... So Many Great

Wow... So Many Great Ideas.... thank you so much for the mention. I love so many thins on here I don't even know where to start... definately love the monster love :)

Fabulous post!!!!! I adore

Fabulous post!!!!! I adore the fact of you and your crew dressing in Halloween costumes to make Christmas decorations! What a hoot!!! Love the crafty goodness for the feathered friends outside. I think it's so easy to overlook animals especially when we get too focused on the commercial side of the Holidays.
I love your post also for the family time it involves and good old creative fun from things around the house.

This is one of your best posts ever, in my opinion.

Congratulations! You've got a mile ahead head start on Christmas!

Thank you Pam for including

Thank you Pam for including my little sea creature ornies.

What an amazing post! I am a long time follower of The Crafty Crow and all the projects always amaze me. I don't even want to think of the amount of work that goes into those blogs but I am very grateful for the work they do.

I think I have a new to-do list for ornaments now lol. I love the owls and the monster cards. I like to make handmade Christmas cards with ornaments attached. That way the cards can be used instead of thrown away.