Candle Wreath for Imbolc


Just finished putting together my candle wreath to celebrate the very old Celtic traditions of Brigid's Day or Imbolc - a celebration that takes place midway between the winter solstice and spring equinox to celebrate the advancing warmth and light of the sun as it warms and prepares the earth for spring sowing.

The holiday is often marked by lighting candles, building fires on freshly cleaned hearths, eating pancakes, and planting seeds or bulbs in little indoor pots.

I first became aware of the celebration here on Mom in Madison! Denise made the sweetest little candles in orange skins - go see!

As I did a little research, I learned about Brigid, the goddess of creative inspiration, so last year I learned to make a Brigid Cross. They are fun to make and could be made with flexible plastic or paper straws if wheat stalks are not available.


This year's candle wreath is extremely simple! I used an old advent wreath form that has been hanging around in the garage for a few years, another of the lovely candles purchased last year at Ikea, and greens gathered from the garden - here in the PNW that would be ivy and Oregon Grape and Holly.

Instead of using the candle I made last year for celebrating, I covered the new candle in snow. See how here on Creative Jewish Mom.

Since the salt crystals don't all stick perfectly, I placed a sheet of waxed paper under the wreath form to catch any that fall and keep them off my table runner.


Look at how the snow flakes sparkle in the light from the other candles!

My Brigid's Cross has been hanging all year long - she is the goddess of inspiration after all! I just brought in a few pussy willows which are already beginning to open in the warmth, and tomorrow, on February 2nd, I will be planting a bulb and eating pancakes by candlelight!

The links below will lead you to more information if you are curious.

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Is there anyone else who celebrates? Won't you tell me how?

Oh, Pam this is so pretty. I

Oh, Pam this is so pretty. I used to celebrate Imbolc when I was in Wicca, and in fact, I think that I blabbed at you about it once, but anyway, I am so sad that life has gotten so weird lately that there's no time for those kinds of enjoyments! I don't know how MOMS DO IT!! I'm not a mom and I find time rushing by! But Imbolc is definitely a sweet tradition and a focus to help us be thankful and relish life.

Now that you've given me this really lovely reminder, I am going to plan my Sunday around it. It's not to late to celebrate!

Jacuzzi? sure!

Oh blimey... a day too late

Oh blimey... a day too late to study up!! But this is something I will have to look into next year as I do want The Man's children to learn about alternative celebrations and hopefully ultimately abandon the materialism connected to our current, almost universally accepted and embraced "holidays". It makes, to me, a lot more sense to celebrate solstices and other "natural landmarks" than mainstream religious holidays, because we all can see days getting longer, crop growing and weather warming, but not everybody will connect to Jesus being born or (running out of examples because I am terribly ignorant and should pay a lot more attention!)
Most ancient celebrations seem to be related to natural occurrences, and that is something I can relate to. Thank you for pointing out another one, another reason why I love your blog! (and yeah, I know, Xmas used to be a celebration of Winter Solstice... but I sure love the smell of an Xmas tree! Which, in itself, is as "heathen" as it comes)

I love the new look of your

I love the new look of your candle. The snow makes it beautiful. We don't light candles at our house due my Husband and I having asthma but I used to love watching the flickering light from a candle. Very mesmerizing.

There is some more information about Brighid if you want to read it. She was originally a Goddess and then became a Saint. My friend Sara does icons of saints and does a lot of pagan images too or mother images since they overlap. :) She is the one who made the plaque in the photo. I should do another post on several of her other pieces she has done too. :)

Thanks Amy,  for the link to

Thanks Amy,  for the link to more info about St. Brigid. I have not seen this one and I appreciate you sharing.

Your friend's icon of St. Brigid is lovely.  It is obvious she loves what she does.

Lovely, glowing centerpiece.

Lovely, glowing centerpiece. It reminds me of candlelight in the snow.

That's a cool idea to use an

That's a cool idea to use an advent wreath! It's even a solar cross type of shape with the four directions. Wait there are four i think?