Ribbon Sandwiches - Perfect for Easter


When I was a kid and my mother made these little Ribbon Sandwiches - which she did every year for the church circle Mother's Day Tea - I was in heaven when she finally pulled the chilling loaves from the fridge and sliced off the crusts.

You see - we kids got to eat the crusts and the bits of those yummy fillings still clinging to them! We weren't allowed to have any of the perfect ones because they were for the tea. But that was just fine with us. The "reject" crusts were just as good.

These little Ribbon Sandwiches as they were called are just delicious. And so pretty.

To my mind, the pretty rainbow of pastel colors makes them look very Eastery! I think kids of all ages would love munching these for a mid-day snack on Easter.

And - if your kiddos just aren't into egg salad and deviled ham - why not  layers of grape jelly, cream cheese and orange marmalade or strawberry jam? Or peanut butter and two kinds of jelly.

You will need for one batch of 36 small ribbon sandwiches:

12 slices of bread - white or wheat what ever your family prefers. I would however, avoid bread with seeds or whole grains.

Cream Cheese - spreadable ( 1 cup)

Food coloring (optional)

Deviled Ham (your favorite recipe using apx. 1 cup of canned deviled ham)

Egg Salad (your favorite recipe using four eggs but no more than 1/4 cup dressing.)

Soft butter

Making the Ribbon Sandwich.

1. Prepare your fillings.

Note: I suggest you use your favorite recipes for deviled ham and egg salad, but keep the fillings a little on the dry side so they don't ooze out of the layers.

I used Pimento, chives, celery and Penzey's Sandwich Sprinkle to season my egg salad and sweet pickle relish in the deviled ham. Dill in the cream cheese.


Tip: Be sure to chop up your eggs, and any additions into tiny, tiny pieces. In fact, my egg layer may still have egg pieces that are too large - got to discuss this with my mother! HER'S never broke apart - mine did - but only at the egg salad layer.


Tip: Before adding wet ingredients like pimento or pickle relish, be sure to drain it thoroughly on paper towels to remove as much moisture as possible.


2. Place one piece of bread on your work surface and spread on a thin layer of soft butter. (The butter layer is necessary to prevent the fillings from soaking into the bread)

3. Spread about 1/3 of the deviled ham mixture over the slice of bread making it as even as possible. ( You will notice in the top photo my layers were anything but even!)


4. Butter one side of a second slice of bread. Place the buttered side down on top of the deviled ham layer.

5. Now butter the side of bread facing you and top with 1/3 of the cream cheese.


6. Butter one side of the third slice of bread and place it on top of the cream cheese layer.

7. Butter the side facing you and then spread on 1/3 of the egg salad.


8. Butter one side of a forth piece of bread and place it butter side down on top of the egg salad layer. Note: The top and bottom of the sandwich remain unbuttered.

P1100263 Now wrap your sandwich stack in plastic wrap and store at least 18 to 24 hours in the fridge.


Repeat with remaining bread and fillings. You will wind up with three ribbon stacks.


10. When ready to serve, unwrap and use a serrated knife to carefully cut off the crusts. Don't push down as you cut - just a gentle sawing action as you cut through the layers.

And this is the point at which my sweetie appeared out of nowhere! He apparently saw me head to the kitchen with my camera and remembered me saying something about yummy crusts. Believe me - he was right on top of it! And sometimes I don't think he is paying attention. Ha!


11. Remove all four crusts and set aside for a midnight snack later! Or if you are starving, nibble as you work.

P110026912. Now slice your rainbow sandwich into about 6 slices (1/2" thick) and then cut each slice in half. You should get about 12 small ribbon sandwiches out of each stack.



Or don't cut in half - just leave them as man size ribbon sandwiches!

As fast as these are disappearing around here, there will be none left by the time I finish this post!

I hope you and your kids enjoy these as much as we are.

Don't laff... I'm going to

Don't laff...

I'm going to make them with peanut butter, baloney, and egg salad.

and I'm giving you the credit!

I totally forget about these

I totally forget about these sandwiches. Bring on the tea,it's time for a party ladies.

Mmmm, your ribbon sandwiches

Mmmm, your ribbon sandwiches look delish! I'm a vegetarian so I would tweak it just a tiny bit, but otherwise I LOVE the idea. Thanks for sharing, Pam!

Yum, those look really good!

Yum, those look really good! I've never heard of ribbon sandwiches before- but now I'm going to have to try them.

Yuuummm, those look quite

Yuuummm, those look quite delicious! And I love the added dill in the cream cheese layer. I need to go eat something now since I've been looking at these sandwiches and drooling! :)

This looks so delicious and

This looks so delicious and presentable, so much more then regular sandwich. I love the colors. I bet Maya would love to make this :)

Mmmmmmm... These bring back

Mmmmmmm... These bring back great memories!