Emergency Fall Decorations!


Fall is here! I can't possibly wish it away any longer! Time to do something to mark the season around here besides setting out my dried leaf candle jars!


But I have been busy roasting green chile and freezing fresh tomatoes and...


THIS project which will be revealed on Monday! No time to craft for fall!


So in a flash of inspiration, I grabbed a couple of wheat wreaths I had picked up earlier this year at a thrift shop for like $.25 each, and sorted through the fall fabric stash. My rotary cutter was the perfect quick tool for cutting a couple lengths of fabric to use for bows. In less than 10 minutes - this very simple but festive replacement for my summer wreath.


I have always wanted to carve a pumpkin to use as a flower vase. But my practical side keeps reminding me -"it will only last a few days"!

Well - spoiling pumpkin vases - no longer a problem. Meg included a craft pumpkin in the big giant box I won on her MegaCrafty giveaway last spring!

It took me all of 2 minutes to carve out the top, set a jar filled with water inside and pick a couple hydrangeas!


For the first time ever, my Anaheim chiles are actually turning red right on the bush! I absolutely love the color of a freshly turned red chile. Is there a more beautiful red to be found anywhere?

As they turn, I am plucking them off, wrapping a bit of raffia and yarn around the top and instant decoration!

I am making a garland out of mine - knotting a piece of twine every 4 or 5 inches, and using ornament hooks to hanging them at each little knot.

In December, they come off the twine and will be ornaments on my tree! (By then, of course,  the chiles will have dried, but still beautiful red.)

Most large grocery stores or Mexican mercados carry bags of dried red chile, so if you like this idea and have no fresh chile's to play with, grab a bag of dried red chile and make mini chile "ristras"!

(A note of caution, if you plan on playing with more than a few chiles at a time, be sure to wear gloves while handling.)

Any more instant ideas anyone wants to share? Leave them in comments.

Happy Fall everyone!

Oh my goodness, I love the

Oh my goodness, I love the pumpkin as a vase idea - genius! I'm totally going to do that and put it on our outdoor table. :) Your roasted chiles look absolutely delicious, kudos to you for growing your own. We've been growing a few herbs and 1 habanero (sp?) pepper plant, I can't wait to one day have a bigger garden!

Happy Fall to you, it's a great season! :)

Pam, those chilies are

Pam, those chilies are beautiful. Cathie's chili plant is finally sprouting peppers! So darn cute. I love that wreath. The colors in that fabric are my current favorites.

I was looking at a book by Patricia Zapata the other day called Home Paper Scissors I think, and her projects are so lovely and simple, and are what I thought of when you asked about instant ideas! She's made a pretty mobile with an embroidery hoop and strands of cut-paper flowers. So quick and inexpensive! That would be cool for autumn with orange and red and brown flowers, or even if someone can fold paper cranes, wouldn't that be a cool mobile? I am about to go pick up a hoop or two and see if I can make it pretty. Meanwhile, her book is in my barnes and noble shopping cart!

You are the seasonal craft/art Goddess! You always get me in the mood for any season, my friend.


That fastest thing I do is to

That fastest thing I do is to drag out the stuff I already have. ;) And buy potted mums. :)

That pumpkin sure looks like

That pumpkin sure looks like the real deal to me! You're a fab bow tier and I love the idea of using red chilis as tree ornaments - you are right, they ARE a beautiful shade of red.

Your chillies look fantastic

Your chillies look fantastic on the bush and the roasted chillies are great looking too. You are entering Fall and we are embarking on Spring. What do you think of this idea? A Pine Cone Decoration - I have a how I did it on my blog http://goldenlillycrafts.blogspot.com/2011/06/come-and-play-stuffed-pine...

otherwise I'm all out of Fall ideas but I love your inspirational ideas Pam. TFS

OMG Chris!  There is a REAL

OMG Chris!  There is a REAL pine cone in there!  It literally IS a stuffed pinecone!  How cool is that!  Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful, easy, and fun fall

Beautiful, easy, and fun fall decorations, Pam! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Love the look of your door wreaths! Happy autumn!
Big hugs,

The dried chile ornament is

The dried chile ornament is genius Pam! They'll be so pretty on the tree (which I can't wait to see btw)!

I love the idea of using a

I love the idea of using a pumpkin as a flower vase.