Woven Gingerbread Man Ornament


Just finished a couple more woven ornaments for Meg's Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge.

I decided after having success with my little heart, that I would see how far I could push this! There are lots of curves and nooks and crannies associated with the shape of a gingerbread man. I am happy to be able to report that it worked perfectly!

The links to all the how-to tutorials can be found in the Woven Heart Ornament post.

Although originally intended for my "Challenge Tree" I just couldn't stand it and gave this to Diane already. You see, the pattern is a slightly shortened (to fit on the weaving) version of the very first gingerbread men I ever baked for her Christmas tree. Being that it was particularly humid that year, all the gingerbread men fell off onto the gifts during the night! (She still remembers those "plops" waking her.)

Now she has one that will never fall off and break!


Can you believe I still have this page from McCall's Magazine? AND the cardboard pattern I cut from a cereal box?

Didn't think glueing currents on the body would be the best idea so I made, what I thought was, a questionable decision and glued on a couple googly eyes. As it turns out -  Diane loves the eyes.

The buttons are red hots - part of the Christmas candy collection Diane and I made several years ago out of Sculpy.

HINT!  These would work very well using burlap! Think about it!


Thanks for sharing... I just

Thanks for sharing... I just freecycled a HUGE bag of burlap coffee sacks (50-80 lbs size)... and was looking for something to do with them.... The boys and I are going to make Gingerbread men, teddy bears, and candy canes out of burlap....

The gingerbread man is

The gingerbread man is adorable!!

I'd rescue the sand dollar on with some trim. Some sort of binding, maybe twine? It just needs some sort of frame to set it off and then alls well. ;)

I love what you're creating

I love what you're creating for the Christmas tree challenge! I'm soooooo far behind on mine - need to get started!

OK first off- I Love the

OK first off- I Love the little gingerbread man. And I cannot believe that the weaving held up to this kind of intricate cut shape. That is very cool! I like the googly eyes too but could also see using some little black bead eyes or even buttons. But googly eyes are so cute.

I like your second ornament. What don't you like about it? I think the textures of yarn are really nice and the colors fit the sand dollar. Is it just that you had other expectations for this and it's not fitting your vision or that it's not the same general "theme" as your other ornaments?

I've been struggling with one myself- not sure I like it or not. Today I like it... yesterday not so much. : )

P.S. WOW are you ever doing GREAT on the budget!