Scandinavian Christmas on the Pickled Herring Shares My How-to for Palæg Chokolade


Palæg Chokolade! One of my two favorite breakfast treats! (the other being Chocolade Hagel of course!)

Both are versions of chocolate made for topping toast! And what could be more welcome on a frosty morning! Even my beloved Lingonberries have had to step aside for this!

Kathryn who writes a beautiful blog the Pickled Herring, is again hosting Scandinavian Christmas. Each day, she will feature a part of Scandinavian holiday celebrations which begin on December 13th with St. Lucy Day and end on December 24th.

And today - December 14th - is my lucky day to be a guest on her series!

Finding Palæg Chokolade in the USA has proved more difficult that I imagined, so I decided to make it myself! And I am sharing the how-to on Scandinavian Christmas.

Go visit Kathryn every day til Christmas! She and her guests will definitely make your days merry and bright!

NOTE: After preparing this post, I actually found a source for buying Palæg Chokolade here in the USA! (They picture a yummy looking Norwegian chocolate cake topped with Palæg Chokolade.

I ordered two boxes - one for me and one for Diane.  Unfortunately, at least half of the little bars are broken, but this is to be expected and does not hurt the product.  The fragile nature of the chocloate is one reason given by some Scandinavian vendors for not carrying it.  Apparently people have a problem with buying broken chocolate.  I do not!!!

Thank you for guiding us to

Thank you for guiding us to the 'Pickled Herring' - I've really enjoyed her Scandinavian Christmas!

Oh, man. I'm crying,

Oh, man. I'm crying, here.

It's the 20th, and I don't have any of this!

I'm off to see Kathryn's blog. But if I get caught up and my boss yells at me, I'm going to be back here with a few words for you, young lady.

Pam, looks positively tasty!

Pam, looks positively tasty! Might have to give it a try after the holidays! Thanks for sharing your recipe!
Big hugs,