A Valentine to My Daughter


Happy Valentines Day to my beautiful daughter Diane and my handsome Grandkitty, Pushkin!

In giving me the this little blog-ship so that I could venture out into internet space - specifically the crafty blogiverse, Diane has given me two most excellent gifts: connections with amazing, brilliant, talented friends, and opportunities for learning and exploring new ways to express myself artistically.

I have never kept my appreciation a secret!

I dearly love my daughter, Diane. I also hugely respect her teaching skills, treasure her friendship, relish her company and completely trust her opinions.

Over the past few years, I have come to really appreciate her willingness to openly and candidly share on her blog CraftyPod her journey to find ways to earn a decent and sustainable living in the "world of arts and crafts". It is not an easy path and there have been wrong turns and right turns. Diane has shared both with complete honesty and transparency.

Picture 37

Image by Diane at CraftyPod

CraftyPod 2.0 is a very good example. Diane loves making podcasts and she has a definite talent for it.

But she first had to pay her dues by investing a great deal of time and effort in just learning the many personal and technical skills that go into producing a podcast.

And then after producing podcasts for several years, she realized that in order to continue, she really needed to take a business minded approach to podcasting and find a way to make a profit from the time and energy invested.

She took a break, set her feet on a different path, evaluated her progress, encountered a few unforeseen obstacles, and has altered her course. Her brand new CraftyPod 2.0 was just unveiled and her readers have pretty much had a front row seat from beginning to end, witnessing her success, her frustration and even disappointment, and now her brand spanking new Crafty Pod 2.0!

It takes a lot of courage to expose oneself so openly and honestly. And I believe her willingness to do so provides her followers valuable learning opportunities.


Image taken by Hubble Telescope - Galaxy Triplet Arp 274

And now, after blogging since 2007, Diane is witnessing huge shifts in the blogiverse and she is again candidly exploring what the shifts mean, why they are happening and ways in which bloggers can adjust.

She is teaching a class with Tara Swiger. If you haven't had the chance yet, I recommend you read "The End of The Lucky Blogger Era (Or, What Blogging for Business Means Now)". And if you are serious about your blog as a tool for promoting your business, consider taking the course: "Busting the Blog Myth: How to make a blog that actually markets your business (without being gross)".

Picture 34

Image by Diane - CraftyPod


Diane has taken a brave and oft times lonely lead in urging consumers of all the free content in the crafty blogisphere to support the makers of all that lovely free content. Purchase from their online stores. Donate. Flattr.

The journey began here, a year ago. Last month Diane shared what she learned during the past year of supporting free. She has renewed her intention to continue throughout this year. And people are beginning to pay attention and join her!

In January Tsoniki published her intentions to begin supporting free on her blog Me Being Crafty.

And then just a couple days ago she created a giveaway in support of free. Hurry right over and read"Contest - Busting the Blog Myth" because Tsoniki is supporting Diane by giving away a FREE SEAT IN THE "Busting The Blog Myth" CLASS. Her giveaway ends February 16th.  Enter NOW!

Dyhana, who writes the Dyhanaverse blog, left a comment on my own recent "Support Free" post stating that she thought it was such a great idea that she was going make "supporting free" a monthly practice.

Pop over to the Dyhanaverse and read her first "support" post -  "Pay it Forward - Support Bloggers Who Provide Free Content".

I know that Diane is thrilled to have Tsoniki's and Dyhana's support.

I am so proud of Diane for her dedication to calling attention to the need to support fellow bloggers who are providing so much worthwhile and free content. And I am thrilled that people are listening and beginning to follow in her footsteps!

Picture 36

Image by Diane at CraftyPod

Diane is not all work and business!

She does let her creative genes out to play! And when she does - WOW! I mean come on! Coolest PC robots ever! Right?

And she has definitely provided more than her share of Free! Wanna see? Just spend some time scanning the "tutorials" section of CraftyPod.

Picture 35

Image by Diane at CraftyPod

What in the world is an "online diet"?

Wow! Again with the transparency!

Diane is sharing her efforts to find a more healthy and sustainable way to dip into and enjoy the cancfphony of chatter and temptations that vie for our attention in the online universe.

Missed the first two posts?

How Healthy in Your Online Information Diet?

How I Made My Online Diet Healthier in January

Picture 33

And Diane still finds time to participate in the online community! Read about her first mug rug and the Craft Social Cuppa Cozy swap!

She is another blogger who makes my brain explode!

I have no clue how she manages to juggle so much and still find time to comfort and support her mother when it is needed. Or share a few golden hours at the craft table. Or explore new shops. Or teach a new skill.  Or resolve a tech problem. But she does. And I am so lucky and so grateful. And very proud.

This made me smile so much!

This made me smile so much! You and Diane are both wonderful, and any post with Pushkin is automatically irresistible in my book. Seeing everything that Diane is up to all in one place kind of makes my head spin, but in a good way!

I truly enjoy reading Diane's

I truly enjoy reading Diane's blog. I don't normally comment but I do soak up all the knowledge she puts forth for us. I think what I like the most is her honesty. She tells us just how she feels and doesn't apologize for it.

So sweet! And I SO love the

So sweet!

And I SO love the mug rug. The colors, the triangles, everything. The chocolate and tea included in the package were also nice, and the hug from you was extra appreciated! You are a wonderful part of my online craft community!

Ha! Tsoniki!  I happen to

Ha! Tsoniki!  I happen to know that Diane especially enjoyed making the mug rug and putting together the little package just for you!

Thank you for your sweet comment. We both consider you a wonderful part of our on line communities as well.

Pam, thank you for sharing

Pam, thank you for sharing this information about Diane. I'm in awe of her. She is completely honest, hard working, filled with creative entrepreneur skills and she has taught me so much from far away that I can hardly imagine what she could teach from up close and personal!

I'm off to check out these links you've shared. Diane's a chip off the block, I tell you!

Aw, now I'm all teary-eyed.

Aw, now I'm all teary-eyed. Thank you so much, Mom. This post was the nicest start to my day ever. Next time I see you, you're getting an EXTRA hug for this! :-)

Oh!  I welcome an EXTRA hug

Oh!  I welcome an EXTRA hug any time!

You are welcome, sweetheart.  I am definitely one of the luckiest Mom's on the planet. AND in internet space.

Thanks for sharing with

Thanks for sharing with everyone about your daughter, Pam! Diane is definitely an inspiration to all of us crafty blogers out there!

I'm thinking the apple

I'm thinking the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. We are very Blessed to have you both (oh and Pushkin :) ).
Thank you for all your sharing and inspiration!