A Special Valentine and A Special "Thank You Gift"!


Tangle Template from "Tangle Journal" by Genevieve Crabe.

I promised to share my special Valentine for everyone mentioned in this 2011 "Grateful For" series once it was completed!


The colors and a few more hearts added.


Done! My beautiful valentine balloon taking me up, up and away to all my favorite places in internet space! There are even blank spaces - room for new friends!

So - my goal for the Valentine was to create a special design in each space that describes something about each of the lovely friends I have shared on these pages during the past month.

NOT as easy as I first thought it would be! Challenging brain teaser actually. But I did it!

Think of the valentine as a puzzle! Can you find yourself! Or do you recognize anyone in particular?


Tangle Template from "Tangle Journal" by Genevieve Crabe

One more time, I want to thank each of you for taking time from your busy lives to read Gingerbread Snowflakes and leave me comments or send me e-mails.

For me, blogging is all about making real and meaningful connections so blogisphere wise, I am feeling very wealthy! And extremely fortunate to know each and every one of you.

I have given a lot of thought to thinking of a way I could do something unique to show my appreciation, and decided to hold a very unusual "giveaway"!

But no one may enter! Because you have already entered if you commented on this blog during 2011!

I used Random Number Generator to select the month and it selected November!

I excluded the comments on giveaway posts in that month because they rarely come from regular readers.

However, the name of every single person who left me a comment in November on every other post was dropped into a bowl and then my sweetie drew the winning name! (That little process took awhile! But seemed the most fair in the end.)

And the winner is: ALICE!

And the prize? Really cool prize!

A $30.00 gift certificate to go shopping at any online shop mentioned on this blog during the month of February!

Originally, I was going to select a shop by way of another drawing. (After all, I am blessed with a sweetie who just loves drawing names!) But then I realized that the winner might just prefer to select her own shop!

So there are really two winners! Alice and one shop owner!

So Alice! Go window shopping and decide where you want to spend your certificate and I will make the arrangements.

Happy Valentines! And love to all!

Beautiful..and congrats to

Beautiful..and congrats to Alice!

What a great Zentangle Pam! I

What a great Zentangle Pam! I have finally picked them up myself- I find they are a great way to organize my thoughts and have a bit of old-fashioned coloring and doodling fun! I will post some of mine soon! :-)

Such a fun surprise!

Such a fun surprise! Congratulations Alice, I'm sure it will be hard to choose a store to go shopping in.

Pam, your heart looks great! I like each different section. Doodling is so much fun.

Wow Pam what a great way to

Wow Pam what a great way to wrap up your posts for February. Congratulations Alice!

WHAT?! Hooray! I can't wait

WHAT?! Hooray! I can't wait to look thorough all the shops you link to and pick one. Knowing you, it'll be a hard choice - I'm sure they're all amazing. :) xoxo! Alice