Sharing Another Side of Me - Introducing a New Photo Series.

Big Spring Creek Falls, Gifford Pinchot forest, WA

Big Spring Creek Falls! One of the most beautiful little hidden away spots in the entire Gifford Pinchot Forest.

And the inspiration for starting a little photo series on Gingerbread Snowflakes.

Nearly 20 years ago, my sweetie and I completely uprooted our life and moved to the Pacific Northwest USA. In the years since, we have spent hundreds of blissful days and untold rolls of film capturing the unique and special beauty of this magical landscape - glorious beaches, stunning volcanic peaks, lush forests, breathtaking waterfalls... even tiny fungi and flowers and sea creatures.

For us, whether we visit a favorite waterfall, explore someplace new or just happen upon a little 'shroom that is new to us, we find ourselves in a state of enchantment, awe and peace. And so...this series is really a love story.

Since I have no clear road map - (you know - organized set of pre-planned posts), this series will most likely be more of a meander! And hopefully a few moments escape into beauty.

Today - to begin - two of my most favorite spots in the whole wide Pacific Northwest! We return to them often so expect to see more of them in coming months!

Big Spring Creek, Gifford Pinchot Forest

Numerous little tributaries wind through the tangle of moss covered basalt and nurse trees strewn over the forest floor above the falls. This one - a particular favorite.

Deep forests are best photographed on cloudy days - tripods are always necessary. Ignoring the fact that water currents dancing around tripod legs is a perfect recipe for a blurry image, I stood my ground in the middle of the stream - the only place from which this shot is possible.

It was worth the compromise because a year later an onslaught of branches and boulders carried along by an unusually heavy spring runoff completely altered the path of the little stream. In time, the forest will again create a place of peace and beauty out of the chaos, but this scene as it is in this image - gone forever.

Hoh Rain forest

If fairies haven't claimed this small, fern covered clearing as a Fairy Council Room, they are missing the boat! Just look at all the fairy size places to sit!

The Hoh Rainforest, nestled in the Hoh river valley on the western flanks of the Olympic Mountain range, receives more rainfall than any other part of the west coast of the USA except Alaska - approximately 150 inches per year.

In addition to tripods, photography here usually requires umbrellas and plastic protection for both cameras and photographer; and therefore, almost every image is a two man operation!

Waiting for that fleeting moment when not a fern is moving consumes most of our image taking time. If it is not a slight stirring of air currents then it is drops falling from club moss or big leaf maple leaves that keep the delicate ferns in almost constant motion. Motion you don't even notice until you are ready to trip the shutter!

The "Fairy Council Room" can be found along the quarter mile long Hall of Mosses trail which begins and ends at the visitor's center in the Hoh Rainforest. Due to the fact that the sun is usually shining in July, August and September, we prefer to visit in June. Granted, it is still wet and rainy but a small price to pay for the absence of other visitors. The foliage is fresh, new and emerald green and the overcast sky allows for perfect light.

Hoh Rain forest

Leaving you now to wander around here in this quiet spot.  Sit a bit, take a deep breath and feel the peace and beauty and magic of the Hall of Mosses.

Help!  If you can!

There is no way the images in this post are as soft as they are appearing.  I can not figure out the problem - but it seems to be occuring at the point I transfer them to Flickr.

I am posting as they are and hope to figure out the problem.  If you have any clue - please let me know!

Those are beautiful...really

Those are beautiful...really look like a glimpse into a magical realm.

These are such stunning

These are such stunning images. All the greeny goodness I love. You're love of walking and talent with the camera equal beautiful pictures like these! Fantastic!

I fell in love with your

I fell in love with your pictures when I saw them in Flickr - they are really magical!

Regarding the sharpness - where did you see them where they looked sharper? Was it another program? or were they resized? (Two interesting posts - & Since the shutter has to have a slow speed to get the water looking so smooth, wouldn't that make the rest of the picture look a little softer?

Thank you Tammy! Your comment

Thank you Tammy! Your comment in Flickr made me realize that loading a bunch of stuff into flickr in advance of a post might not be such a great idea!!!

Thank you so much for the links - I will definitely follow up and read them.

You are completely right - very slow shutter speed was used - slower than would normally be needed to create this effect with the water and necessary because of the low light and desire for good depth of field.  But if a tripod is used and a shutter release to prevent camera shake - there really should be no loss of quality.  In fact I go to great lengths to prevent camera shake - leading cause of softness!

The actual slides, made on very fine grain film are very, very sharp and can be made into prints 20x24 with no grain.

Avital has suggested that the problem could well be in the scan and how that scan is being read.  So - probably something i will have to live with whenever using older work.

But - I haven't read your links yet - so maybe a solution!  Again, thank you.

You live in such a beautiful

You live in such a beautiful area and have captured it perfectly! I know you think desert and camels are pretty exotic but I would give almost anything to trade places with you for a week! I guess I need to travel more. :-)

Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. I look forward to seeing more of this series.

Love the photos and the

Love the photos and the stories, both fairy imaginary and of camera setting up camp in the river! :-) Will look forward to more in this series for sure!

I love, love, love walking

I love, love, love walking through our Michigan woods and taking all the photos I want. I've been mulling over what I want to do with some of them lately. Your Pacific Northwestern woods are so gorgeous and lush! I love all that moss and the waterfalls. :)

Such gorgeous photography,

Such gorgeous photography, Pam! Really stunning water photos! (and I hope the fairies won't be too mad with you sharing their secret places!

Oh goodness Erin!  I didn't

Oh goodness Erin!  I didn't think of that - making the fairies mad.  I hope not!

Love this......An opportunity

Love this......An opportunity to just enjoy the photos and not stress that I might not be able to make what I'm looking at!!!! If you stare at the photos long enough you might see those hidden gnomes and sentry dragons. I know I did......thanks Pam

Hummmmmmmm..... better take a

Hummmmmmmm..... better take a closer look!  Gnomes you say?  And sentry dragons?  Oh my!