Book Review - Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style

Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style

Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style by Tone Merete Stenklov and Miriam Nilsen Morken and published by Stackpole Books

I LOVE this book! I can't begin to tell you how many times I have picked it up in the past couple weeks while relaxing with a lovely hot cup of coffee in hand, my eyes pouring over every page and my mind happily dreaming of making!

And... every single time I pick it up I find something I missed or something more I want to make!


My crafty heart is charmed by a multitude of projects which are beautifully photographed by Helge Eek. As if I did not already have enough projects planned for the winter holidays - I have selected several from the pages of Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style to make and share with you in the coming months.


Beginning with these adorable Christmas Mice! OMG!  I am so in love!


And there will be a Snowman or two! I have the fabric all ready to go!

gb men

Diane espcially loved the Soft Gingerbread Men so I will make sure she has one or two to celebrate the holidays!

Tbl contents

Check out the table of contents - this is only a part of what the authors, who have been selling their adorable creations at craft fairs in Norway for years, have offered in the pages of this book - there are 50 in all!

Although Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style is a collection of holiday projects inspired by traditional Nordic customs, it seems to me that almost every project in this book will fit in with any holiday tradition - from any country - simple or sophisticated.


And - I really LOVE this - the authors have included recipes for holiday treats! Macaroon Cake! Seed Cake! Christmas Kringle! And Gingerbread Men!

You KNOW I will be trying every single one!

Along with festive bags to make for gifting these goodies, you will find instructions for:

- making Ice Scraper Mittens (a seriously cool idea)

- Soft Fabric Dolls and Angels to bring a bit of cheer and whimsy to your home

- Christmas Stockings and Cornucopias to fill with gifts and surprises (I am making one as part of the Stocking Exchange this year)

- fabric and wooden Pine Trees, and holiday Wreaths decorated with Stars and Hearts

- and more bags for every possible use you can think of from storing (or giving) cookie cutters to keeping boiled eggs warm at breakfast!

And... and... there is an Advent Tree Calendar!! So simple to make and so perfect for children of any age! I am very excited about making one.

How to

One of the things I like best about Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style is that no matter where you might be in your "crafty skills" - beginner to advanced - you will find projects you will love to make!

Most projects are simple enough for beginners but offer tons of great potential to the more advanced crafter.

The authors provide sections titled "good advice" and "techniques" to share basic information for making - including tips for stamping on textiles, heat embossing, stamping paper, applique, technique for transferring patterns, fabrics best to use, and as you can see above - embroidery stitches!

And tucked into the back of the book - pages of full size patterns for every project featured.

Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style

And one other thing that particularly attracted me to this book is that it will never find it's way to the back of the bookshelf - forgotten and unused.

Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style is one of those lovely "evergreen" craft books (as Diane refers to them)! Not only are the projects timeless but many can be adapted for use during other holiday celebrations - like Birthdays, Valentines, Easter....

If you are like me, you will want to touch and feel and peek into the pages at your nearest book store. For those who prefer to order on line, here is the link to Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

Happy winter holiday crafting everyone!  If you haven't already begun, it is time!!!

I love your website and this

I love your website and this book is so wonderful! I want to make everything in it!

These are some of the cutest

These are some of the cutest things! Do I have time?? Hmmmmm---maybe make time!

How awesome! I am really

How awesome! I am really excited to look at the new (to me) Holiday Projects. I hope I am one of the winners of the giveaway. Thanks for your it!!!

I want to make all the crafts

I want to make all the crafts shown and can't wait to see the rest of the book!

I love these cute adorable

I love these cute adorable mice,no wonder you were giggling..Good jod.

So nice to find you at

So nice to find you at willowday. I love the chance to find someone who shares my loves! I couldn't resist a note on this Scandinavian Book posting. Those hearts are definitely familiar!

*Waves* Hi, Pam! :-D Long

*Waves* Hi, Pam! :-D Long time no see! (for me! :-p) I'm far behind my blog updates, blame it on a sunny wheather, this year!

I was talking about Christmas with Olivier and a friend, at our last dinner. I don't remember how it came on the subject, but then it reminded me to check out your blog. :-)

What a lovely book! You did a wonderful review of it. I added it to my "wish list" and may just get it sooner than later. Once I do, I will let you know what I thought of it. But I am quite sure it is as awesome as you said.

Much hugs!!

Oh mercy me Pam.......I'm all

Oh mercy me Pam.......I'm all over this. I will most likely be trying to do it all. Can't wait to get my copy.I thought I had enough books to keep me busy but, I guess one more won't hurt. Of course,this is our secret. I know someone who would love to get her hands on it. Shhhh.

I adore books that combine

I adore books that combine crafting and cooking - especially if they are holiday themed.

This looks like a book that my mom would love. It's funny, we do not have any Scandinavian heritage, but the decor reminds me very much of my mom's aesthetic. I think that she's unconsciously attracted to sewing little ornaments and dolls in that style. Many of the photos remind me of decorations that I grew up with :) Lovely review!

It seems like December will

It seems like December will be here before we know it... I'm pretty excited to start working on both Halloween and Christmas stuff early this year.

This book looks really neat- especially those snowmen and gingerbread men. Thanks for doing such a thorough review!

You are so right about

You are so right about getting started on holiday projects. I have bad habit of waiting to start after Thanksgiving then I'm working like crazy to get projects done. I sure want to buy that craft book. Mostly I usually make paper ornaments but with that book I might just venture into others. I enjoy making ornaments/projects for other seasons but not like Christmas. At least in CO the season is more conducive to feeling Christmas/ie. Glad you featured that book to help us get in the mood.

I'm like you this book has so

I'm like you this book has so gorgeous things in it & love the colors they use,glad I joined your blog,Have great day...Cookie in Va.