Making Santas - August Progress Update

Scandi-claus/St. Nicholas

Progress has been made on St. Nicholas and Scandi-claus!


Sharing these personal projects with you here on Gingerbread Snowflakes is the best idea I think I EVER had!! For the first time in years, I am totally motivated to make "bodies" for those little Santa heads I have had in the closet patiently waiting far too long for attention.

Knowing that I tend to be very methodical and disciplined when it comes to writing my blog, I took the gamble that including as blog subjects a few of my little projects that travel annually from one to-do list to the next would insure they move to the top of the to-do list.

This year I will be able to mark them OFF the list - my plan is working!

Scandi-claus/St. Nicholas

And as you can see from where we left them last month, I am definitely making progress!


From my stash,  a lovely piece of cotton and some trim I fell in love with years ago for Scandi-claus' under-gown. Stitched the trim on by hand - you can see the tiny stitches if you look closely.

The fabric piece cut for the underskirt measures 22" x 14 1/2". Once the 2" hem was pressed in place, it was caught in the trim stitches so no need for hemming.

The under gown St. Nicholas is wearing is a piece cut from a soft silky robe I used to wear before it took an unexpected coffee bath! Couldn't bear to throw away what fabric was left!

I cut a piece of the saved fabric 24" x 12 1/2" and took advantage of the beautifully hemmed edge of the robe - so no hemming needed on this one! And at this point, I am leaving it plain until I find the perfect cape fabric. Then I will decide if more is needed.

Simple construction of the under gowns appears in the next post in which I introduce "King Winter" and "Snowflake Fairy"!

Hello Pam, I love them! Also

Hello Pam,

I love them! Also already thinking about making things for Christmas...