Quick and Easy Halloween Humor Using Mini Pumpkins or Gourds

Quick and easy peasy little way to spread Halloween fun throughout the season! Kid tested! Kids find it very entertaining to rearrange the faces every day - or every hour! As do I!


Happy Halloween!

Mini Pumpkin and gourd Characters

Boo! (Or as I call this arrangement - many moods of PMS)

I MUST always, always, always get my "Nightmare Before Christmas" fix every October. I get a huge kick out of the "Mayor" character in Tim Burtons much loved classic - Mr. Mayor's two political faces.

The concept inspired me to grab a few smallish gourds and baby pumpkins and draw faces - happy on one side, mean, grumpy or scary on the other. (With a nod to Jack Skellington of course!)

Depending on my mood on any given day - the arrangement of expressions changes! On a bad day - it is very satisfying to do thisÂ….


but most of the time I play around with them Â…..


and come up with a combination of funny and scary that seems to suit my mood!!


Kids totally love this idea of having a face on the front and a face on the back! And if they are old enough to draw their own - even better!

This is a set I made on baby pumpkins to set right at the front of our photo sign-in table at the Pumpkin Patch to help me engage with shy children before setting them in front of the camera.

Kids were all over the faces! And loved seeing what expression was drawn on the other side! Many got right to work assembling them into a grouping that suited them.

So I am thinking this little idea would work for everyone - from 3 to 103! All that is needed is a few small pumpkins or gourds, a Sharpie, and a sense of humor!

Happy Halloween!

Oh, these are sooo cute! So

Oh, these are sooo cute!
So which one is my favourite...
let me think..

I love them ALL!!!

Awwwww - you all are so

Awwwww - you all are so supportive and kind to me!  I wasn't originally even going to publish this - drew the   gourds to overcome my lifelong inability to draw anything on a pumpkin but the standard smiling toothy face.  Diane will tell you - always every year all her life - the same face!  

So I really do appreciate all the love here!

These are great, Pam! I love

These are great, Pam! I love the expressions, and they look great in a group like that! This is my kind of Jack-O-Lantern!

Need I say how much of a good

Need I say how much of a good idea this is Pam? Well it IS! So much fun!

So expressive! Such great

So expressive! Such great little drawings!

Giggling my head off about

Giggling my head off about the "many moods of PMS!" Where's the one who's crying uncontrollably about something she won't even be able to remember six hours from now? :-)

Oops!  I forgot that one

Oops!  I forgot that one Diane!!  However, as you must well remember, your mother's PMS looks pretty much like the set shown!!!

What a great idea for

What a great idea for engaging the children. Both sets are so cute. Nicely done!

Pam, these are so cute and

Pam, these are so cute and make me smile on a cold wet day.

Pam, these have so much

Pam, these have so much personality, they're wonderful!

Thank you Genevieve!  Coming

Thank you Genevieve!  Coming from you, an artist, this means a LOT!  With my minimal drawing skills, this was NOT easy peasy!!!  I really had to work at it.  Hence the same basic faces on both sets!!!  I have exhausted my talent!!!