How to Make "Punched Tin" Paper Angels

Punched Tin Paper Angels

Very simple "punched tin" paper angel ornament to make with the kids!

Since I celebrate both Guadalupe Day (December 12th) and St. Lucy Day (December 13th), I became very excited when I came up with this little ornament idea  -  a perfect ornament that blends two cultures whose special celebrations fall so close together. 

I go to bed on December 12th with my tummy full of Sopillas and Green Chile and wake up on December 13th to Saffron Buns and gingerbread! These sweet little "punched tin" paper Scandinavian angels fit in perfectly don't you think?

You are all very busy! I will keep this tutorial short and sweet!

Punched Tin Paper Angels

1. Metallic card weight paper is easy to find this time of year in the scrapbooking section of any craft store.

2. The pattern can be found here on my favorite holiday site - "Yule in Iceland".

Click on "Yule Fun"  or follow this link for the pattern.

OR I have just found an angel pattern that will work quite nicely right here on The Craft Train!  Thank you Kate!

Punched Tin Paper Angels

3. Follow the instructions that come with the angel pattern. Cut your angels from the metallic paper.

Punched Tin Paper Angels

4. On the shiny side, using a pencil, lightly draw a design on the skirt. (I found the pencil lines erase quite easily.)

5. Punch little holes in the paper following the design lines. I used a push pin.

It works best to completely punch through the paper and try to make the holes about the same size and the same distance apart.

I place a couple layers of cardboard under mine.

Punched Tin Paper Angels

6. Turn your angel over and draw a design on the wings.

Punched Tin Paper Angels

7. For the wings, punch from the back side of the paper following your design lines.

Punched Tin Paper Angels

Design punching completed! Notice the difference in the appearance of the holes in the skirt and those in the wings. When you assemble the angel, you will see  the importance of punching holes from the back and the front.

Punched Tin Paper Angels

8. Fold your angel as directed on the pattern. I like to add a staple to the back as shown.

Punched Tin Paper Angels

9. Thread a hanging string through the top of the head if you wish to hang as an ornament.

Advent Calendar Tree

If you are not into punching holes into your little angels, gold metallic paper and golden stickers make a lovely alternative! See my little gold angel hanging near the bottom of my Iceland Advent Calendar Tree?

Of course any paper will work.  I just happen to like the look of the metallic sheen.

Now! Go play!!! Make Christmas angel magic! And while you are at it find more holiday magic waiting behind the doors of the Advent Calendar on "Yule in Iceland".  

A quick note only to let you

A quick note only to let you know that I wrote a bit about your angel in my post:

Thank you for adding this.

Thank you for adding this. After the recent tragedies in Connecticut, I used this as inspiration to add 20 green and white angels to me tree to honor the children lost.

Thank you for taking the time

Thank you for taking the time to give a tutorial like this. I think this would work out for so many things as well as the angel! I have your punched tin butterfly up on our corner hutch all year round. It makes winter feel like spring.

aaaw Pam this angle is

aaaw Pam this angle is adorable , i love the story behind it as well, and your tree is as well the most awesome one i ever have seen.
thank you for an other great tute and the sharing.
I start to became a real xmas fan as well.
i think it's contaitious.LOL
it's a busy time, but soo pretty all the lights outside. In my shopping street and all the other streets in the centre are hanging light bulb gurlands of the sign of the great old saint Jan, or Saint Bavo.
But we have two saint Bavo churches so the old one is now called the saint Jan cathedrale.
it's a special shaped church on the great square of the town. Because the tower is built in the middle of the roof insteade of at the frontside .
We were the first city that had such a tower , they are only to view in Belgium.
so it's an unique one.LOL
i can watch the tower from my appartment when i 'm standing outside on the north balcony.
hey enjoy your fave days, and thank you so much for sharing this part with us all.XO's

LOVE your tree with all it's

LOVE your tree with all it's handmade ornaments full of love!!!

Oh how cute! It looks like a

Oh how cute! It looks like a tin angel, and so sweet!

Love it! Thank you for

Love it!
Thank you for sharing!