Celebrating St. Lucy Day!

Welcome St. Lucy

Tomorrow is St. Lucy Day and to get you into the mood (just in the slightest case you aren't already) I am sharing a few of my favorite sites - new and old - Scandinavian - all!

Almost all Scandinavian! 

For those who don't know it, St. Lucy is from Italy originally and you can learn how she is celebrated by some Italians here in this post written for my blog last year by Silvia of "Madame Reynard".

 She has decided to go "Scandinavian" herself this year in her celebrations! I am sure you will enjoy this Lucy Day post she just published - lots of great links and inspiration there as well.

(Silvia will be joining us again very soon with a lovely post to kick-off the beautiful series of nativities from the EtsyItaliaTeam.)  

Details of Scandi inspired Yarn cone figures

You can read more about Lucy here on Kat's Almost Perfect World and here on Wikipedia and this lovely story by Po Tidholm on Sweden.SE

Details of Scandi inspired Yarn cone figures

Scandinavian magic of all sorts can be found here on Nordic Thoughts ( warning - click and you will be enchanted! :-)). And don't miss this lovely, lovely story "Karl's Wooden Horse" shared on Anna Lena Land.

Details of Scandi inspired Yarn cone figures

Two brand new to me Scandinavian crafters will delight your heart and eyes! Hanna's Sjarmerende Jul (Charming Christmas) (thank you Gill!)  and Pysselbolaget (who I found thanks to Cassi at The Crafty Crow!)

Details of Scandi inspired Yarn cone figures

And this brilliant Danish woven heart artist, Paper Matrix, shares templates for very easy and stunning heart garlands. You just must link over! :-)

Danish woven hearts and golden stars - pretty way to decorate !

Or you can try out a few ideas of your very own using these directions that I shared in November.

Pakapikk and Marshmallow Nisse

Dala Horses! Read about the history and how they are made. And don't miss iHanna's beautiful images from her trip to a Swedish Dala factory last year: here, here, and here.

And Hanna also shares a little Saffron Bun (Lussekatter) making video here - see her in action - and then get her recipe here.

Gnomes and marshmallow Nisse hanging out in the Christmas elf forest.

December 13th marks the beginning of Scandinavian Christmas - and every day, beginning tomorrow Dec. 13th, Kathryn is hosting Scandinavian crafts and recipes on The Pickled Herring.


It is a lot of work for her to take on this time of year, but I for one appreciate and enjoy visiting every day.  I am pretty sure you will too!

Yule Lads hiding in the Christmas elf forest.

And then there is my most favorite Christmas site!  Yule (Jol) in Iceland!  

I love "opening" the advent calendar each day to see the beautiful and charming illustrations revealed. And of course by now you all know I love the visiting Yule Lads!  

But there is much information about Iceland and Christmas to be found and enjoyed - everything from recipes to stories about the Yule Cat and the Yule Tree and history of Yule celebrations in Iceland.

The author also shares images of really beautiful vintage (early 20th century) Christmas cards that were a part of Christmas past in Iceland.

Do yourself a favor and visit!


Happy Lucy Day!

We took our lussekatter with

We took our lussekatter with us to the airport this year as we were on an dawn flight to England to have an early Christmas gathering with all my family members present. It was such fun! Back home in Norway today...deep snow and dark nights are so Christmassy. Gill

Thanks for mentioning my

Thanks for mentioning my Santa Lucia post. For this year I posted a paper doll image of the American Girl Doll Kirsten with Santa Lucia outfit and more.


God Jul och Gott Nytt Ar (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Swedish).

I love those angel candle

I love those angel candle things. Haven't seen them around for awhile. My old one get bent in moving. Have to track one down. :)

Dyhana, I lost my first one

Dyhana, I lost my first one years ago too and this one is a gift from a friend.

FYI, if you can't find one in the Seattle area, you might try the Scandinavian shop in Beaverton the next time you are in the Portland area - they usually carry them in stock!

And this year, my sweetie bought me a similar chime but with Dala hourses twirling around!

Happy St. Lucia Day, Pam! I

Happy St. Lucia Day, Pam! I hope your day is filled with lussekatter and coffee! :)

And thanks for linking to the Scandinavian Christmas series! :)

Kathryn! I love your first

Kathryn! I love your first post in the series!  The little ornaments are absolutely beautiful.  Adding the link:http://the-pickled-herring.blogspot.com/2012/12/scandinavian-christmas-day-1.html 

Thanks sweetheart for the

Thanks sweetheart for the mention & linking tl me! Wishing you a very happy Lucia day, hope you get to hear some lucia songs today!

Hanna!  It would not be Lucy

Hanna!  It would not be Lucy Day without you!!!