Introducing My Very Own Easter Witch!

Easter witch

Did you know that if you spend Easter in Sweden, Norway or Finland, you will most likely run into Easter witches?

Traditionally they are out and about on the Thursday before Easter - Skatorsdag! Some of you might remember this post last year in which I shared a few links including this one and this one from Sasha at Squashed Tomatoes.

Sweet Easter witches printed on a table linen

Last summer, my lovely friend Gill sent me this adorable table linen from Norway! Don't you just love the sweet little Easter witches sitting on a fence gossiping and minding their chicks! They have been on my dining table since the day after Valentines!

Gill also shared that during Easter her mother-in-law always puts out her very own Easter witch.  In fact it has been traditional for her to do so for many, many years.

And that did it! I absolutely had to have an Easter witch of my own.

These past few months I have been making gnomes, santas and witches using this "Woolly Gnome and Mushroom" knit/felt pattern from Marie Mayhew Designs and decided it would be the perfect starting point for an Easter witch!

A fancy Easter witch hat and sweet wild curls was all it took to transform the gnome pattern into my little witch!

Of course a good many Easter witches wear scarves instead of pointed hats - making that version next year!

And just in case you still don't believe in Easter witches, here are tons of delightful pictures. Guaranteed to make you smile!

And believe!

Well done girl!!! i like the

Well done girl!!!
i like the story of this easter witch. and thank you for the links, i have really enjoyed them;-D
Thanks for the sharing many dutch hugs;XD

Pam, I would so love to buy


I would so love to buy one if one were available. What would you charge?


Oh Maureen, as much as I

Oh Maureen, as much as I appreciate your request and would love to make one for you, I just don't make items for sale.  And except for a few embellishments, this is not my pattern.  But i assure you that the pattern is so easy any beginning knitter can make the body and you are more than welcome to duplicate the embellishments!

Here is the link to the pattern:  it is a gnome, but it is a magical gnome that can turn into witches, santas, leprecauns!

Your Easter witch turned out

Your Easter witch turned out absolutely adorable, Pam! You're so clever! Love your photography of her, too!
Big hugs,

I love the different things I

I love the different things I learn from your blog!!! Can't wait to see her!

I can tell it's a gnome/troll

I can tell it's a gnome/troll that inspired the witch, I have never seen an Easter witch with a pointed hat around here so I'm guessing yours is a Norwegian American breed! ;) Super cute though!

Oh Hanna, you have me in

Oh Hanna, you have me in stitches!  I promise - there will be a proper Swedish Easter Witch before next Easter.  Already have the pattern for the body picked out!

Actually, I was feeling a bit bad about my witch having a pointed hat until i started loking through the images on google (linked in the post).  Apparently - little Easter witches with pointy hats do exist! :-)


I had never heard about

I had never heard about Easter witches! Totally sweet. Gives me great postcard ideas!!

That's the cutest witch I've

That's the cutest witch I've ever seen! Since I'm half Norwegian, I should probably have one of those. Hmmm...

Oh!  My goodness!  Thank you

Oh!  My goodness!  Thank you everyone!  You have totally made my day!

Your witch is absolutely

Your witch is absolutely adorable!!!!!!!

That little flower was the

That little flower was the perfect finishing touch Pam:)

I was not aware of this

I was not aware of this tradition, how fascinating! My ancestry is Norwegian, but they did not keep all traditions, I learn so much from your blog. The Norwegian linen is beautiful and your witch is darling, love the pink!

Your Easter witch is

Your Easter witch is divine!!! What a fantastic idea!

your pink/violet witch is

your pink/violet witch is lovely!!!
I haven't heard about this tradition before this post, althoug I'm european! Thank you for sharing!!!
Now I know something new about scandinavia, a region I want to visit (it has been on my travel wish list for years!)