Edible Pysanky!


Yes! Edible Pysanky! A perfect way to keep kids occupied until their Dinosaur eggs are cool enough to unwrap! Or simply let them spend an afternoon drawing pretty designs on hard boiled eggs. I don't know why I didn't think of this before!

All that is needed for this project: Hard boiled eggs cool enough to handle and Wilton FoodWriter Edible Color Markers.

(I chose the Wilton markers because they are probably the most accessible in the market place - mine were purchased at Michael's.)

Naturally colored eggs -

Eggs can be colored, or use "naked" brown or white eggs. Maybe you are lucky enough to have access to naturally colored eggs - all those soft blues and pinks and tans would be perfect!

To create a background color for my own edible "Pysanky", I experimented with dye solutions leftover from playing with natural food dyes. The golden eggs (or brown if that is the way you see them) - yellow onion skins. The grey eggs - blueberry.

Bright colors obtained from food coloring or egg dying kits would be pretty too.  However, I do NOT recommend Kool-aid as a coloring agent for this project as it is water soluble.

"Pysanky"  options

Don't you love that dark grey egg? It was accidentally forgotten and left in the blueberry dye solution much longer than intended. Gorgeous! A whole basket full of these dark grey eggs covered in Pysanky or doodle designs made using a black edible marker would be stunning!

Onion skin dye works quite quickly, so keep an eye on the eggs. Depending on the length of time you leave them in the bath, you can achieve a whole range of color from pale gold to dark almost pepper red! A whole basket of eggs in many shades of "onion skin" would be stunning too!

Next year!! (Already on the blog calendar!)


Instructions for creating Pysanky designs using Sharpie marking pens can be found here. Employ the same design techniques using edible marking pens.

Just for fun, using FoodWriter markers, I duplicated one of the Pysanky designs created last year. FoodWriter on the left, Sharpie on the right!

What I love most is that Pysanky eggs decorated with Foodwriter pens are completely edible! And the hardboiled egg is much easier to work on than the blown out egg. Much more kid friendly.

"Pysanky"  options

And the design possibilities are wide open!!!

Pysanky might be challenging for younger children so why not download and print a copy of these Pysanky symbols and let them randomly draw a few of them on their eggs and learn a little about their meaning at the same time!

I used star, wheat and curl symbols on mine!

Or just suggest they do their own thing! Flowers! Bunnies! Darth Vader!

And most important - have fun!

Okay, I didn't even know

Okay, I didn't even know about these pens. Holy cow!
I love these. I have not had time to do any Easter crafts or my doodled eggs this year, but I think those foodwriter pens would be great to work with on pizzelle cookies!

Fantastic idea Pam! What a

Fantastic idea Pam! What a great way to get that Pysanki look.

Pam i never had given it a

Pam i never had given it a thought that not all the inkts of sharpies would be a greate use for eggs. Thank you for this advice.
I love the other tutes of dying as well, i don't think i will paint any egg but i love the idea's and the tutes.
It's here still too cold, It feels because we have the wind from russian -20 degrees celcius.
i'm glad that i have planned a stucked to home day.LOL
So i still wearing many knitted sweaters. but... the sounds of the birds are allready to hear. so it wouldn't be too long to feel the first spring outside too.
I have stiffened my first knitted teacups shades. i must wait for a month to watch the finishing state. I'm really impatiencend.LOL But i have sett them out of my view so i t hink i will wait so long.
After those two i have to stiffen three more;-D
enjoy your eggs paintings i do to watch your picts.
thank you so much for the sharing and the greate tutes

Loved that you included Darth

Loved that you included Darth Vader as a suggestion! If my sweetie and I did eggs, we'd definitely be doing Star Wars inspired designs! (And a few Star Trek, too!) Your idea of using the edible markers is awesome, Pam!
Big hugs,

Pam, this looks like so much

Pam, this looks like so much fun! I had not heard of Pysanky before and I'm quite smitten! Also read your post from two years ago with the Norwegian Easter cookies. It's not often I hear someone talking about "Sons of Norway", and being half Norwegian and brought up with our local SON chapter, I find we have another common link! I'm guessing you are a member? Anyways, thanks for the beautiful eggs and the cookie recipe!