Surprisingly Pretty Easter Eggs - Created With Silk Yarn!


I unpacked these eggs today and fell in love all over again!  And since the original tutorial lies buried in an old post where it is sharing space with several other egg decorating ideas, I decided to "lift" it and give it it's very own post!

So!  Here it is again!  

The Magic Onions shares a wonderful tutorial for dying eggs with silk scarves. I don't happen to have a silk scarf in the house but I do have a hank of sari silk yarn that I found for next to nothing at a thrift and I decided to use that instead.

(Note: I am thinking that yarns colored with "unstable" dyes - those that bleed color easily into water or on to needles - would also be likely candidates for this project!)

Because I used silk yarn instead of a silk scarf, I made a few adjustments in the process which I am sharing. However, the tutorial for dying with silk belongs to the Magic Onions and you will need to go to the original tutorial to get all the details.

Note: Just a word of caution: the eggs used in this post were blown out. I would not recommend using eggs you are planning to eat because the ingredients in the dyes are completely unknown and they could leak through porous egg shells (which is also true for silk scarves and silk ties BTW.


I followed the instructions in Donni's post except that I wrapped my egg with Sari silk yarn.

I found that wetting the egg and the yarn prior to wrapping makes wrapping MUCH easier.


Using a piece of old muslin, I wrapped each egg tightly and secured with twine.


The tutorial suggests using a rock as a weight. I tried a technique I use when softening corn husks - I place a smaller pan of water in the large pot of water and on top of the husks to weigh them down and keep them submerged.

This system seemed to work very well. My egg is actually behind the smaller pan.


Once the suggested boiling time ended, I removed the egg and unwrapped it. Judging from the pale colors that bled onto the muslin, I didn't have very high hopes.


So I was pleasantly surprised to find that the colors in the silk yarn had transferred to the egg beautifully.

I am thinking that using this technique on white eggs would result in even more brightly intense colors.

And what I love most is that every egg will be different.

I dried the silk yarn and it can still be used in a knitted or woven project. As you can see here, I use mine to line Easter baskets!

I also unpacked these intensly colored marbled eggs today!  Still love them to pieces!  The colors are fantastic.  

And unpacked my pysanky too!  I love the "edible" version I shared this year, but I am so glad I used blown out eggs for the originals!

Happy egg decorating to all!

I have seen how you could use

I have seen how you could use silk fabric on eggs paintings, but this is a much better fun idea.
Love it.
But... do you all eat those eggs? or give you them away or make you cakes of them alot?LOL
Thank you for the sharing and the tute. really a very cool and brilliant idea.
Many dutch hugs and kisses;-D

Thank you Jet!!! Actually, I

Thank you Jet!!!

Actually, I went through a dozen eggs that you will never see before I stareted playing with these projects.  Trying Koolaid color recipes listed in comments and other places but no results worth posting so we ate those!!!  But, since my sweetheart has had his fill now of deviled eggs, I am trying out an experiment with the Dino eggs, and the onion skin and edible pysanky.  I am leaving them, sitting in little nests throughout the house to see just how long they can be saved!!!  I dob't have any idea.  Do you?  Does anyone?

Well, I don't have any silk

Well, I don't have any silk yarn. Can you believe that? However... I have a knitting friend who probably does!

I forget...does using the silk scarves for this ruin them? Or do they stay pretty much the same?


Wow! What a fun use of the

Wow! What a fun use of the silk yarn, and a pretty result to!

Happy Easter Pam!

The eggs turned out

The eggs turned out beautifully, Pam! Love the colors and swirls! And what a great find - sari silk yarn at the thrift! Awesome!
Big hugs,

It's so neat how you can see

It's so neat how you can see the texture of the yarn on the shells.