Easter = Promises of Spring

Easter promises Spring


Easter promises Spring


Easter promises Spring


Easter promises Spring

Happy Easter Everyone!

No spring this far north. My

No spring this far north. My gardens are still covered in snow.

Hi Pam yeah spring is here my

Hi Pam yeah spring is here my garden is awakening as well. Love to see the flowers opening and the ferns unfurling. I planted many tulip bulbs last fall so its a very exciting time in the the garden. Spring is a very good thing!

Indeade you're right when i

Indeade you're right when i look to your beautiful spring pictures.
wooow they are sooooo bright and clear. Well done. I know it's your job, but it's still amazing me.
And it made me hopeful for when the spring weather conditions are coming here in Holland. It's still too cold here. We had still snow, just a little bit but still freezing outside, and eastern wind, it's from russia, so it's feeling outside much colder then in real.
Thank you for your sharing of spring pictures. i hope it will comes here quickly as well.
We are in the fever of the queensday and the changing of a king.
Strange we had for three generations a queen that ruled the Netherlands.
And now we will have a king. so everything is about orange and is crafting funny idea's to sell on the free market we have in the big cities.
In Haarlem as well.
Like that. it's very odd for foreingers to watch us on our queensday, It's fun to watch all the orange cloths or jewelry in orange, to watch the people do funny games or to buy for almost nothing the trash of an other.LOL
but some like i'm doing are making small items to sell for only a euro.
it's fun to do.
Hope you had a good easter time,
Many dutch hugs and love of me;XD

Your magic nature photos.

Your magic nature photos. Love them! There is plenty of snow here in Sweden, still, but I have hopes for spring! :-)

Happy Easter!

Beautiful photos! I think

Beautiful photos! I think Spring is really upon us.