Easter Promise Kept!

First Tulip

Promise kept! Easter morning. Rays of a rising sun fall on my first tulip bloom.

First Tulip

Beautiful blue star hiding inside!

Welcome spring!

Hi Pam, beautiful those

Hi Pam, beautiful those pictures of you. sooo sharp and colourful, awesome, yeaaap it looks spring is finely coming;-D
thank you for the sharing.XO's

Beautiful photo. I grew up in

Beautiful photo. I grew up in western Washington near the tulips fields in Skagit Valley. It is quite a site if you ever get up to that area in the spring.

Daphne, we LOVE visiting the

Daphne, we LOVE visiting the Skagit Valley fields although we haven't had the opportunity to visit for a few years.  We have fields south of Portland but they have become so commercialized/tourist oriented we don't go at all anymore.  The Skagit Valley is more like visiting real tulip fields!! And the mountain backdrop makes for stunning photographs - as you well know!! :-)

Another tulip favorite - the Degoede bulb farms in Mossy Rock, WA.  South of Tacoma so it is much closer for us.  I purchase all my tulip bulbs and most of my plants there.  In addition to being a bulb farm, the owners have created a fabulous outdoor garden and indoor greenhouse oasis to enjoy on rainy days!

Lovely photos, Pam! I hope

Lovely photos, Pam! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter!

Gorgeous pictures.. very nice

Gorgeous pictures.. very nice of that bloom to cooperate! My own tulips are just tufts of leaves about two-three inches high. But it's nice to see your tulips are starting- that means spring take too much longer getting here.

: )

Stunning! I love your flower

Stunning! I love your flower photos and always look forward to them.

just lovely Pam! We are

just lovely Pam! We are still experiencing frigid temperatures in these parts, a delayed spring. Your blog promises that it will be coming. Happy April!