Happy July 4th - Taking You On a Little Vacation Adventure

Supai, Grand Canyon, AZ

Taking a few days away from this machine!!! At least from writing posts. To celebrate July 4th and relax. But I am leaving you with a little vacation adventure to enjoy! A place I travelled to at least 15 times. Back packing 11 miles in and 11 miles out!

However, I am making it much easier for you to visit! Grab a nice cold glass of ice tea and enjoy a lovely visit through Havasu Canyon - a side canyon that takes the hiker from the rim of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River.

I am sharing a few images from my trips. (All taken 25 years ago and recently scanned so not the most brilliant quality.) 

But before viewing my few images, please, please please do visit this great photo documentation of the trip taken and presented by Travis Burke. He starts at the rim and takes you all the way to Beaver Falls. I think he has done a magnificent job of sharing the experience in words and pictures.

And my images will make a lot more sense if you visit Travis's adventure first!

Supai, Grand Canyon, AZ

The whole canyon is not only subject to floods, but most of the waterfalls are tumbling over some of the most delicate rock material - travertine - which is almost 100% calcium carbonate.

Compare this image with those Travis has shared of Navajo Falls. This shot of Navajo Falls was taken 25 years ago - there was not even an upper and lower Navajo Falls at that time. Navajo Falls is greatly affected during flooding - but fortunately, although changed forever,  the delicate environment does recover very quickly.

These pools are some of the most delicious swimming holes to be found anywhere!

Supai, Grand Canyon, AZ

Havasu Falls - the star of the canyon for many visitors who love to play in the travertine pools near it's base- they are clearly visible in this shot but not in the linked set. (However for scale, in the shot taken from above Havasu Falls in Travis's collection, notice the people in the pools just to the left of the backpack.)

The main campground nearby is two miles beyond the village - and after hiking down from the rim - those two miles seem to be the longest ever!!! (Except, of course, for the last mile out of the canyon - straight up the cliff! We never rode the mules!  However, on the way out only - out gear did.  Thank goodness!))

Every single time I was half way up that rock wall, I would promise myself to NEVER do this again. But - I never listened!

Supai, Grand Canyon, AZ

Beaver Falls is a four mile hike beyond the major falls and visited by only a handful of visitors. But an absolutely beautiful and most welcome spot on the hike to the Colorado River. From this point on, the trail is often obscure and a real rock scramble in places so, at least 25 years ago, it was best to go with someone who was familiar with the trail.

Supai, Grand Canyon, AZ

But worth it! The prize! The Colorado River where it meets Havasu Creek! Some times we would find river runners at this spot - some of the party intent on hiking up to the falls. But most times, the spot was completely ours.

Happy July 4th from my Garden

And now! Happy July 4th! Fireworks from my garden to each of YOU who celebrate!

That water looks so inviting!

That water looks so inviting! I would love to dip in it right now:) I have never managed to make it to the Grand Canyon (in addition to Yellowstone!)

Hope you are having a beautiful holiday weekend:)

Pam, thanks for these

Pam, thanks for these wonderful images and for the link to Travis. It makes me remember all my hiking and camping adventures, before I stopped camping. I Never did these hikes, but I loved hiking Zion and in Maui and Kauai, and I miss them all and Yosemite so much! We must get back to this while we are young!

Happy Happy weekend to you!

Thanks so much for that

Thanks so much for that beautiful vacation adventure, Pam! The scenery was truly spectacular! And I'm not even tired after all that hiking...I must be in better shape than I thought. hehehe You're garden's firework flower photo is so fun and pretty! My sweetie and I have been watching the Japanese summer festival fireworks almost every weekend and our favorite firework this year is hibiscus shaped. I haven't managed to get a good photo of it yet, but they're definitely neat to see! Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!
Big hugs,

Happy 4th to you! and enjoy

Happy 4th to you! and enjoy your little time away from the "machine", lol
loved these photos! makes me wanna pack a ruck sack and head out!!