August Vacation: Recipe for Greek Salad with Shrimp Scampi

Greek Salad with Shrimp Scampi

Greek Salad with Shrimp Scampi! One of our most favorite summertime dinners! Light fare that is very quick and easy to prepare, and yet satisfyingly filling - and absolutely yummy! A lovely Greek family treated us to this dinner salad years ago and I taught myself to recreate it for my sweetie. I hope you will enjoy!

Note: You will notice I use cooked shrimp for this recipe. There are two reasons for this choice. First and foremost - I can not stand the smell of uncooked seafood or fish. And second - using cooked shrimp makes this an especially very easy and quick meal to prepare.

Greek Salad with Shrimp Scampi

Make the dressing:

1 cup virgin olive oil (great if you can get it. However, I understand that most olive oil marked as virgin is NOT.) Try to find a Greek olive oil - flavor is divine!  

1/3 cup red wine vinegar (I use Pompei as it is inexpensive and delicious - and Cook's Illustrated kitchen testers say it is the best!)

1 heaping Tablespoon of chopped fresh Greek oregano. (We grow our own in our container garden so we have it most of the year. It is a perennial so it comes back every spring.)

3 large cloves garlic finely chopped

1 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper

2 heaping teaspoons salt

Mix all ingredients together in a pint jar, shake vigorously, and let sit at least an hour before needed in the fridge - several hours or over night is better. ( I usually shake mine several more times just to stir up and blend the flavors.)

Makes enough for about 6 salads - more if you prefer a light touch with dressing) We make it up often and use this dressing on most of our salads. It will keep about a week in the fridge, is delicious on fresh garden tomatoes, and makes a killer pasta salad.

Greek Salad with Shrimp Scampi

Salad ingredients: (Note no quantities are given - just use the quantity that you need to feed your family or guests.)

Romaine lettuce


Tomato (Fresh off the vine August tomatoes are splendid!) I used a giant yellow tomato we had on hand but red tomatoes are prettiest!

Feta Cheese (the real thing found in a Greek market is best!)

Kalamata Olives (seedless please!) Cut in half or leave whole - as you prefer. 

Shrimp - figure about 1/4 pound per person - medium size shrimp. We use cooked peeled shrimp but if you prefer - use fresh. 

The quantities below are what I use to prepare 1/2 pound of cooked and peeled shrimp)

3 Tablespoons butter

3 cloves garlic (finely chopped or smashed)

1/4 teaspoon garlic powder (optional)

Salt and pepper to taste

quarter of a lemon or lime


Making the salad:

Tear or cut lettuce into bite-size pieces. Cut tomatoes and cucumbers into bite-size chunks. Toss together the lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives and crumble in feta cheese.

Place the salad mixture in individual serving bowls or shallow soup plates.

Warm the butter in a skillet until it melts. Use very low heat as you do not want to burn the garlic. Add the garlic and saute in the butter for about 10 minutes at very low heat so the butter becomes infused with garlic. You want your butter to be a bit sizzle-y but not enough to ever brown the garlic bits.

After ten minutes, add garlic powder to taste if you really like a strong garlic flavor.

If you are using cooked shrimp, add shrimp and saute very gently for about 5 to 8 minutes. The goal here is to warm the shrimp and infuse it with a bit of garlic butter flavor. High heat will not work!! And overcooking will render tough chewy shrimp!

If you are using fresh raw shrimp - prepare it as you normally do and saute in the garlic butter until it is cooked.

Sprinkle shrimp with salt and pepper to taste and squeeze lemon or lime juice over the shrimp. Continue cooking over low heat for a minute or two.

Remove shrimp from the garlic butter using a slotted spoon and place it on top of the salads.

Pour dressing over and enjoy!

Hi Pam the dressing sounds

Hi Pam the dressing sounds delious I'll make the shrimp salad for Mike He'll love the break from chicken. It will definately be on the menu this week. I'll have to add greek oregano to my herb garden I have several others but no greek. Thanks for the new recipe to try!

Looks just wonderful ...cant

Looks just wonderful ...cant wait to try it!

This sounds sooooo

This sounds sooooo delicious!!...I think this maybe on the menu for this evening. Will post on Flickr if I do. Thanks soooo much for sharing..;))