Small Quilt Block Becomes a Tide Pool Pillow

Tide Pool Pillow finally completed!

Tide Pool Pillow WIP is finally finished!!!! I am so excited to share, I haven't even cut all the stray threads off yet!!!

I am indebted to my daughter Diane - Craftypod - and to Kate McKean - Literary Agent for the Howard Morhaim Agency, for launching my crafty self on an unexpected journey to find my very own quilting voice - one I didn't even know was there and certainly wasn't even looking for!

Using fabrics I had purchased for projects that I abandonded because of my being intimidated by my lack of quilting skills, I have actually discovered that for me, quilting is simply a means for providing a lovely canvas for exploring my Dabbler Instincts! And I am having a ball - because as you know - I have lots of Dabbler Instincts!!

Some of the fabrics purchased for that original project were put to use in the Winter Solstice Quilt Block that I shared here. Several others are appearing in this Tide Pool Pillow! 

Tidal Pool Quilt block

Last year about this time while riding to the coast and stitching yoyos onto a quilt block, I had an epiphany! The little yoyo's actually reminded me of sea anemone we find in the tide pools along our beautiful PNW beaches. The idea of creating a little tide pool was born!

Tide Pool Pillow detail

Diane beaded this beautiful sea star as an ornament for my Advent calendar many years ago. It seemed to be a perfect addition to the pillow and got me to thinking of other possibilities for tide pool creatures.

I found perfect creatures in "75 Seashells, Fish, Coral and colorful marine life" by Jessica Polka.

The little sea urchin was fashioned using my new found crochet skills! The pattern calls for using stash worsted yarn to crochet the little round "body" and then adding a few french knots.

Tide Pool Pillow Detail

Love this fuzzy anemone from the same book! I chose to use very fuzzy yarn so that when completed the little pink anenome would resemble one of my favorite pink anemones - always waving gently in the currents being pumped through it's aquarium environment at Sea World San Diego.

Tide Pool Pillow detail

I openly admit to being easily enchanted by piles and piles of sea foam - white sea foam, not the dirty old brown stuff - so I tried creating it using beads from my stash. Actually, as it turns out, I may have created sea foam  - or sand. Take your pick!

I used an old Steamstress II (that has been serving me well for 30 years) and locking clamps (hemostats) to plump up the anemones as they had become very flat while in the WIP bin.  Worked like a charm.  Don't they look pretty?

Tide Pool Pillow WIP is now a FP!

The Tide Pool pillow is fitting in very nicely with two others I have just completed - a sneak preview appears on the right of the Tide Pool Pillow. I'll share more about the other pillows soon! Hint: they have a lot to do with Diane's and Christina's brand new book "Quilting Happiness" which you can read more about right here!  

Love the beadwork - it really

Love the beadwork - it really does make the whole pillow look more ocean-like. Very pretty project!

realy lovely done, i like the

realy lovely done, i like the crocheting pieces in between, that was a brialliant choice of yours.
and smart to use those pearl beads. it looks so pretty.
well done gril!!!
many dutch hugs of me

That is so beautiful!

That is so beautiful! Hmmm.... Maybe I should finally take a look at the cool quilt fabrics I bought last year. Love Diane's beaded ornament. It adds some real pizzaz!

That is so cute and so

That is so cute and so creative! Lovely job!

Thank you thank you thank you

Thank you thank you thank you everyone!!!  Your kind words are making my heart  happy!!!

This is really really cool

This is really really cool and creative!!



Your tide pool pillow turned

Your tide pool pillow turned out so beautiful! What a fun way to capture your happy memories! I love all the details you added, and including your daughter's sea star makes the pillow all the more sentimental and gorgeous. Definitely made me smile this afternoon! The sea urchin is probably my favorite - so cute! Thanks for sharing with us!
Big hugs!

I love seeing this all

I love seeing this all finished, and I REALLY love having seen the creative journey it took from quilt block to tide pool. All the little touches you added - the crocheted anemone, the bubbles- just so pretty and fun. A great example of that thing we always talk about, about "having a conversation with the project and letting it tell you what it wants next."

Oh, I can't tell you how much

Oh, I can't tell you how much I love this pillow! What a fabulous idea! And the seafoam is just the perfect touch!

A blogging friend of mine has made many of the creatures from that book; thought you might enjoy seeing her endeavors :-).