Make Lavender Wands and Enjoy the Fragrance of Summer All Year Long

Lavender Wands

Photo and lavender wands made by Nancy Hiroka

The very second I saw Nancy's image of her beautiful Lavender Wands I fell in love! They may not be new to some of you, but they sure were to me!!!

Nancy is not a blogger but we have connected via my blog and keep in touch through e-mail. Nancy and I share a fascination with Primstav and both of us have plans for making one of our own. Like me, she is especially drawn to Scandinavian arts and crafts.

In fact she just turned me on to Korknisse! (here is a link to the how-to if you haven't already found them.) I need another project like I need a big ole hole in my head, but how can I resist!!

Nancy sent me two links for instructions for making Lavender Wands. 

Make a Lavender Wand published in Garden Gate magazine

How to Make a Lavender Wand published by Fairegarden


Lavender wands using Spanish Lavender

Not having time to drive out to a farm growing lavender, I decided to try making a wand from the "second flowers" still blooming on my Spanish Lavender bush. The buds are much smaller than the "first bloom buds", so I thought I would try making a wand by staggering the buds.

Lavender wands using Spanish Lavender

Not exactly the most beautiful wand ever made!!! But it worked! And once you get past that initial fiddly part where your start the weave, it really is quite fun to watch the weaving take place over and under and over the stems. Before you know it, you are at the bottom and done!!!

My wand is now a month old, the stems have dried and when I give it a little squeeze, I am treated to the lovely scent of lavender.

Next summer I am definitely making these for everyone on my Christmas list - using proper lavender so they will hopefully be as pretty as Nancy's wands.

Thank you Nancy, 1000 times!

I would love to do this. I

I would love to do this. I love the scent of lavendar. However, I'm allergic to it. Is that the dumbest thing you've ever heard? I wasn't always, but I'm getting more and more allergies. Probably the same reason everything else is happening: menopause.

However: I love these wands. I think having some that are completely craft-made with no organic materials might actually be a lovely decorative touch to a banner or a bowl of candies or nuts.

I know. Menopause has caused certain changes in my brain, too.

hi Pam i've heard of a friend

hi Pam i've heard of a friend of mine, that it helps to sleep better.
I haven't tried it yet out myself, but when he handled me his fresh picked Lavender i loved it.
My nana always had a hankerchief with some lavender water on it. When we had to cry she offered her yummy smelling hankerchief to ease the pain and tears.
So it's always a reminder the smell of my nana.
Thank you for the sweet little one people diy link and to make a wand myself.
In one of the public gardens i have watch many lavender perhaps i can pick some of it there;-D
or wait for next summer for to buy some plants for my garden roof.
Have a fun nice happy crafting week.
Thank you for the sharing of these beauties. Many dutch hugs of me

I love the smell of lavender,

I love the smell of lavender, and your wand is so pretty. What a fun idea! A couple of years back I used to make little pouches to keep lavender in my linen closet (though I don't have a linen closet, just my normal clothes and sheets). They still have a yummy scent!

Pam, I've just found another

Pam, I've just found another thing you can make with lavander:
It's written in italian, but I think you can understand by the photos

Thank you Silvia!  I

Thank you Silvia!  I appreciate you sharing the tutorial link for the Lavender Wreath.  And you are right - language is no barrier - the images are all that is needed.

Oh, they are amazing! Great

Oh, they are amazing!
Great idea to save lavander's scent.
We use to dry the flowers and save them into squares of fabric into the drawers.
But these wand can be also left out of the drawers, as decorations, I suppose. For country-inspired houses!
Lovely! :)

Well, I must say it's quite

Well, I must say it's quite an honor to be included in one of your "share posts"! Thank you! I so enjoy your blog and look forward to more of these very cool posts!

You are welcome Nancy!  But I

You are welcome Nancy!  But I am the one to say thank you!  Even if my first effort making a wand doesn't even remotely approach your in the beauty category, it's fragrance and the fact that I actually succeeded in making one bring smiles! And most importantly - it is a reminder of your kindness and friendship!

Oh my! I'm going to have to

Oh my! I'm going to have to begin growing lavender right this minute. Or you know, as soon as I find out how to do it, and what its planting season is, and so forth. These wands are simply charming, and I'd love to learn how to make them. :)))

Lynda!  No need to grow your

Lynda!  No need to grow your own.  Farmer's markets and local farms often have lavender for sale.  Just be sure when you buy that it is still very fresh so the stems are pliable and won't break while weaving.

I love the beauty of these

I love the beauty of these lavender wands. My lavender plant is having its second bloom and I was just thinking about drying some, but these are so pretty I might try my hand at the weaving! Thanks for the links and the inspiration!

Julie!  You are such a clever

Julie!  You are such a clever and amazing quilter - perhaps you can fashion a little wall hanging of some sort to hold a boquet of wands to hang right over a night stand!