Link Love: Five Top Posts of 2013


I am so far behind in reading my blogs that I fear I may never have a glimmer of hope of ever catching up!! But I am trying! And as a result of yesterday's efforts I discovered that Diane (Craftypod) has joined Tammy at Daisy Yellow in something Tammy calls Link Love!

And since this weeks theme has not yet closed, I am jumping in!!!

Link Love theme this week is: sharing the top five posts of 2013 so far!!! Sounds like fun right? I just popped into Google Analytics and found the answers lickety split! Why don't you join in! Find you own top five posts for 2013 and share them here:

My Top Five Posts for 2013

(Which as it seems are pretty much my top five posts every year!!)

Easter eggs colored using Kool-aid

Color Easter Eggs with Kool-aid

I can count on a huge spike in traffic every spring because of this post! One of those little ideas that came to me while I was in the shower! I figured if Kool-aid could color yarn - (and fingers and tongues - why not egg shells! At the time it was a new idea! Now it is everywhere! Maybe the fact that I was willing to share the beautiful and not so beautiful has given it longevity.

Punched Tin Butterflies massing on my Seasonal Tree

How to Make "Punched Tin" Butterflies

All I can say that it is immensely gratifying so many people are interested in exploring how to work with metal. The craft stores are full of options for materials now - at the time I began making the butterflies, I had to seek out scrap at extrusion plants.

The picture above is of my "Buttefly Tree" - my "seasonal tree" dressed for May and June! And yes, I made every butterfly! Looks like a "Monarch tree" - right?

Fall Leaves, Mod Podge and Mason Jar = Beautiful Candle

A Little Fall Leaf and Mason Jar Re-use Project

This one enjoys lots of traffic all year round - even in January! Perhaps because so many DIY brides getting married in the fall see it as the perfect way to decorate their reception tables. Another "brainstorm while in the shower"!

I still get e-mails from new readers with questions - many asking if silk leaves will work. And the answer - if the ribs are not stiff, they should!  I am very excited about the new Mod Podge formula - it sounds as though it is the perfect answer for this kind of project.

Danish Woven paper Baskets

Making Woven Paper Heart Baskets to Celebrate Santa Lucia Day

I am gratified that so many people have found this particular tutorial helpful. This post was made during my very first Christmas season - right after starting Gingerbreadsnowflakes. And I spent a great deal of time making it as thorough and easy to follow as possible.

This past season, I "upgraded" the technique in a new post (photo above) - adding simple ways to to create pattern. So easy to do. I am hoping people will give the ideas a try.

Punched tin Dragonfly

How to Make a Punched Tin Dragonfly

Absolutely my favorite project last summer and it makes my heart happy to see that it has risen to the top five!!! Even beat out my how-to post for painting Mod Podge and food coloring on Mason jars!

I learned to make dragonflies before I learned to make butterflies - the dragonflies were my first adventure into the world of punched tin and drove me to find metal suitable for punching. So I am delighted that they appeal in such a big way to so many others as well.


Common denominators? Well - they are all "how to" posts - although some much more detailed than others. And, for the most part, they are seasonal. The eggs, of course, only enjoy traffic in March and April - the largest enormous spike occurring the day before Easter!!!

The others, traffic occurs pretty much year round. Which tell me that if nothing else, these five posts are meeting crafter's needs and desires to learn and explore new crafty possibilities.

And that makes me happy!  THAT is what I am doing here in this space in the first place!

Well I just added to my

Well I just added to my Pinterest crafts to do board! Love the dragon fly and the leaf jar the best. Now you have me curious about new mod podge.

Thanks for sharing your Top

Thanks for sharing your Top Five, Mom! I see another common denominator here - these are all very original ideas born of your exploratory approach to crafting. Nice to see the dragonflies in this list!