Mini Tips and Tuts: Short and Sweet Way to Cut Wax Paper For Cookie Tins

Simple way to make a wax paper cookie tin liner

Starting a new, intermittent series with this post! Mostly because I have begun to gather a collection of tiny tutorials and quick tips I want to share. So I will be tucking "Mini Tips & Tuts" in here and there between my regular posts - at least through the rest of the year and - who knows - maybe beyond!

Some tips are craft related and some food related - maybe even a household trick or two! I hope among them you will find something useful!

Simple way to make a wax paper cookie tin liner

Now that Christmas and Winter Cookies Around the World Series has been launched, I will be baking - and storing - lots of cookies. Hopefully so will you! So it seems this is a perfect time to share my simple way to mark and cut wax paper to fit cookie tins.

I have noticed tutorials on line but many seem much more complicated than they need to be.

Simple way to make a wax paper cookie tin liner

Tear off one to four sheets of wax paper just about two inches wider than the diameter of your tin.

Lay the wax paper on the top of the open tin.

Press down and out against the rim as you see above. This is a quick, light handed, down and outward motion. Wax paper creases easily.

Simple way to make a wax paper cookie tin liner

Leaving the paper in place, rotate your hands and repeat the same quick, light motion at the unmarked sides of the paper.

Cut the wax paper following the crease lines.

This simple method only takes seconds! Practice a couple times with one sheet and in no time you will be confidently creasing and cutting four at a time!

Love this tip! Now I just

Love this tip! Now I just have to buy wax paper :-). Normally I just throw down a paper towel and call it good, but this is much nicer! Thanks!

Thanks Nancy!  Actually the

Thanks Nancy!  Actually the nice thing about using wax paper is that it protects layers of moist cookies from eachother.  Without it the layers of Lebkuchen would most likely melt together while they are in storage!!

Love tips & tuts! Thanks!

Love tips & tuts!

Oh thank you Annette!  It is

Oh thank you Annette!  It is nice to get your feedback on my new adventure!!