Mini Tips and Tuts: Easy Yarn-y Witch to Haunt Your Heart

Simple yarn-y witch to make from scraps around the house!

Meet the newest addition to my witch-y collection!

She is easy easy easy to make - you will be done in under an hour!

Yarn-y Witch Mini Tut

All you need: a cone, a felted ball or wooden bead (1 1/2" to 2" diameter), and bits of yarn and roving...

Yarn-y Witch Mini Tut

Â… and a glue gun, a bit of Mod Podge, a brush and scissors.

Yarn-y Witch Mini tut

1. Brush Mod Podge over the surface of the cone (working in sections from the top down is easiest). Starting at the top, drop an end of your yarn into the cone hole and begin winding it around the outside of the cone.

2. At the bottom of the cone, secure the yarn by bringing the end to the inside and taping in place.

3. Glue the 2" ball onto the top of the cone using the glue gun. Use plenty of glue.

4. Add bits of wild and spooky yarns to the bottom edge and around the "neck".

Yarn-y Witch mini tut!

5. Use another cone - cut in half - and a paper disk to make the hat. It is so quick and easy to glue both pieces onto an old witch hat.

6. Wind the yarn around the cone in the same way as above.

7. Glue the cone and the paper disk right over the witch hat - (OR slide the paper disk over the cone until it is close to the bottom edge of the cone).

Simple Yarn-y Witch - for me it is all about the hat and the hair!!!

8. Decorate the hat with bits of yarn

9. Add roving to the "head" with the glue gun - a strip of glue at the crown works well.

10. Fluff the roving into the most wild hair possible and then glue on that fabulous hat!!

Your witch is done!!! Unless, of course you want to add a face. I will leave that up to you!!

This is so cute along with

This is so cute along with all your other felty projects!! I took a class once but the project turned out a bit tacky for me. I may need to try another one again!

Hi Pam, this is a great tute

Hi Pam, this is a great tute and a smart idea.
Like and love it. thank you very much for the sharing.
I'm finished my last recycled curtain, only it hangs not correctly.
My sis has offered to hang it correctly, i send you the picts.
One of my neighbours was impressed i have send you the link of the article you have made of my curtains;-D
And finely i have found the right colour and the right size of yarn for the wooden shoes to crocheting. pfff.
stupid i had this solution allready at the start in my mind, but.... the shop is too filled up with suplies i wanna have.LOL
Not great for my almost empty wallet.
Hey till soon , well done this witch thank you for all your effords.
many dutch hugs