Five Years Blogging Anniversary Celebration Begins!

Green Chile turning red.

Five Years Blogging Anniversary! In blogging years that is a milestone! And cause for celebration!

Officially November 1 is my fifth blogiversary. But I am starting the celebrating a couple days early this year - beginning with little celebrations of two of my favorite childhood memories.

I am gathering and roasting beautiful red chiles andÂ…

Pinon Incense Burner piñon incense.

Two of my strongest and most beloved memories of growing up in Santa Fe: the intoxicating aroma of roasting chile on golden fall days, and the smokey fragrance of burning piñon logs on cold clear fall and winter nights. For me, now living in the Pacific Northwest, roasting chile and burning pinon incense is a way to keep those precious memories alive. And a lovely way to say goodbye to fall.

Chile pepper and corn husk ornaments.

As of right NOW - it is officially Christmas on Gingerbreadsnowflakes! And time to celebrate five whole years of crafty blogging with five giveaways! But more about those in a moment.

First, I want to thank every single one of you - those who have been with me from the very beginning and those who have just recently arrived! With all of the changes that have occurred in the blogisphere in the past couple years, I am more grateful than ever for your visits, comments, e-mails and support. We all - me included - seem to have more distractions and less time to comment these days, so every communication you share is considered a huge gift.

Greek Cross Knitted Christmas Ball

The blog is always evolving and of course because I am a dabbler at heart there is no clear path you can expect me to follow. But if nothing else, I hope this little blog is a refuge from what is often the noisy cacophony that the internet has become.

I hope that visiting feels like it does when sitting in a big comfy chair next to a warm, crackling fire, sipping hot cocoa and nibbling sugar cookies - letting the mind wander in a daydream of creative possibilities.

A place to find a bit of inspiration and instruction as well as an eclectic celebration of the creative spirit as it finds expression in art, craft, cooking and cultural traditions.

Being a participant these past five years in this global sharing of artful expression in it's many forms has been both satisfying and rewarding; and the friendships made along the way are my treasure. And I thank you one and all for making it all possible.

Sets at flickr

Before moving on to the giveaway, there are three new adventures added to GBSN that I want to point out!!

1. I am on Instagram - have been now for a couple months and I am loving the experience! I hope you will join me - the button is at the top of the blog along with all the others.

2. I have begun an international cookie baking project - "Winter Holiday Cookie Recipes" - which I am adding to each month. The button is right at the top of the "cookie" buttons on the side bar and by December you will find six links to posts sharing recipes for some of my international favorites. The series will continue through at least all of next year - with "new to me" cookies! I hope by sharing a bit of history and technique and recipe testing I can take some of the mystery out of "new to you" cookies.

3. Lastly, there will soon be a button at the bottom of "This Season's Projects" in the sidebar that will whisk you away to my Flickr sets where you will find that all the tutorials I have ever written are organized by season and type of craft. It is my way of providing a visual index to tutorials appearing on GBSN in the past 5 years - and beyond! Click on a set, then find something that you want to explore further and click on that image. Under description you will find a link to the post.

Until that button is installed - here is the link!  

Giveaway prizes - 5th Blogiversary

So now - let the celebration begin!

I will post five separate giveaways - one each day for the next five days - beginning today with the very next post following this one and ending with the last on November 3.

All giveaways will remain open for entries until November 5th at midnight PST. Winners will be announced on November 6th.

Enter as many giveaways as you like. International readers are welcomed.

Entries MUST appear here right on this blog. Please, newsletter readers, leave your entries here on the blog if you wish to be included in the drawing.

There are no giveaways attached to this particular post. But I will be happy to hear from anyone wishing to say hello!!!

Good luck everyone!  And thank you in advance for stopping by to celebrate!

Congratulations on five years

Congratulations on five years Pam, and here's to many more! I love your blog and the projects you share so much. I'm so grateful for all you've shared with us over the years!

Oh Rachel, your message

Oh Rachel, your message warmed my heart.  You have been a part of this little adventure from the very beginning with friendship, encouragement, support and enthusiasm.  And had it not been for you, I might not have rediscovered embroidery - found out that I never really lost my love for embroidery!  Just gave it a long winter's nap!

So it is I who thanks YOU from the bottom of my heart. xoxoxoxo

Happy five years of festive

Happy five years of festive blogging! You are such an amazingly generous blogger; thank you for all the goodness you have shared with us!

BTW, it makes me happy that we drink from the same dala mug :-).

All the best to you!

Seriously Nancy?  The same

Seriously Nancy?  The same Dala mug?  That is awesome!  I purchased mine in Poulsbo - how 'bout you?

Ha, now besides the lavendar wand and soon to be Korknisse, I have my favorite mug to remind me of your friendship and kind e-mails and comments.  I am so very glad we "met"!


Every year for Christmas my

Every year for Christmas my good friend Claire gives me all things dala. She has been doing this for the last several years. Am I lucky or what? :-)

Yaaaaay, Happy Blogiversary,

Yaaaaay, Happy Blogiversary, Mom! It seems like yesterday that we were exploring how to create links and upload images - and look how far you've come! I'm thrilled that you've enjoyed the blogging adventure so much!

I cound not have ever done it

I cound not have ever done it without you, Diane. The journey has been a rewarding one at every turn and I am so grateful for your persistance while I resisted beginning the blog. Thank you for knowing me better than I know myself!!

Happy blogiversary, Pam! A

Happy blogiversary, Pam! A visit here is always so enjoyable... seeing what you're up to - and you are always doing something special. We're the lucky recipients of your boundless creativity and sharing; thank you!

I see it differently, Ann!  I

I see it differently, Ann!  I am the lucky recipiant of friendship offered by lovely people like you!  Thank you so much for your good wishes.

Happy Anniversary, Pam. 5

Happy Anniversary, Pam. 5 years is quite an achievement! You have created a charming, friendly, creative corner on the internet and long may you continue.

All the very best
Dawn in NL

Oh Dawn!  What a sweet thing

Oh Dawn!  What a sweet thing to say!!!  You made my day.  I appreciate so much having friends and followers like you who have stuck with me for so long!!! Thank you!

Happy Anniversary! It sounds

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you have so much planned for the next 5 years of the blog, too - exciting!!!

Thank you Tammy!  Hahahaha -

Thank you Tammy!  Hahahaha - I always have plans!!  But i am hoping to focus more on projects I want to do for myself this next year.  We shall see how that goes.  Know you are in the same place these days.

Happy Blog-a-versary!! I hope

Happy Blog-a-versary!!
I hope you enjoy your next 5 years and continue to grow and inspire!
Big Hugs

Thank you Dawn.  With friends

Thank you Dawn.  With friends like you in my court how can I not continue growing and being inspired.

Happy Blogiversary Pam. 5

Happy Blogiversary Pam. 5 years is a huge accomlishment- congratulations! And thank you for all the wonderful tutorials, ideas, inspiration and time you've shared.

: )

Oh my goodness, Meg!  Youare

Oh my goodness, Meg!  Youare welcome but truthfully - it has been my pleasure!  Every single minute!

My hope for this year is that YOU will finally overcome your health challenges and be able to return to  more active and ongoing crafty endeavors.  You have been missed.

I love how you're keeping

I love how you're keeping your happy memories alive through traditions! If my sweetie and I ever find ourselves unable to celebrate Christmas with our families some year, I am so voting for KFC to remember our wonderful years on Okinawa! :)
Looking forward to the Christmas celebration on your site! I'll be sure to warm up a mug of hot chocolate to prepare for the fun festivities! :)
Big hugs!

Arielle, I think one of the

Arielle, I think one of the things that we have in common is that we embrace those little celebrations and moments that keep traditions and make memories.  Your "Star Wars Christmas" comes to mind as well as that image of the KFC box as the centerpiece of your Christmas dinner table one year!  No matter where you go or where you will live, you will always carry Christmas in your heart (and a KFC Christmas Plate to bring back memories of spending the holidays on your beloved island.)

You have indeed enriched GBSN both with your post a couple years ago sharing Christmas celebrations on Okinawa and the many images you have shared since of the beaches and sunsets and I thank you. 

Your cookie recipes are epic!

Your cookie recipes are epic! I told Cathie to buy all the butter and eggs and flour she can imagine me needing, because this year, I'm baking!

She hasn't bought anything yet. Do you think she knows me too well?


FIVE YEARS?!? What were you thinking?!!?!?!?!?!?!


Hahahaha!  Chrissy!  If you

Hahahaha!  Chrissy!  If you remember I was thinking more along the lines of two months - once a year!!!