Two Awesome How-to's For Celebrating St. Lucy Day!

Heart Lattice pattern - "55 Christmas Balls to Knit by Arne and Carlos

One of the best parts of "flying the Christmas blog by the seat of my pants" this year is that I am open to possibilities!!  So! thanks to two lovely friends, I am sharing links to two most excellent ways to celebrate St. Lucy Day - in fact all of Scandinavian Christmas - which starts tomorrow!

My friend Sasha, busy mother of four beautiful children, shares a how-to for a beautiful paper star (or snowflake)!!! Her daughter Maya learned the technique in school, showed her mother how to do it when she got home from school and Sasha is showing us how to do it!!

One of those fancy three dimensional stars that look terribly complicated but actually are quite simple!!!

Here is the link to the tutorial on Squashed Tomatoes!


And Silvia - (known to most of you as Madame Renard) helped me celebrate St. Lucia Day a couple years ago (post is here) and sent me a link to this site early this morning! When you pop over, you will see numbers across the top of the post - 1 through 24. Click on each number and you will find a template for making a different woven paper heart design.

Pop over right now!!! You will so want to make some!  I can't wait to get started.  If making empanadas hadn't taken me about five times longer than I thought, I would have some made by now!!

Thank you Sasha and Silvia! I am thrilled to have these how-to's as a part of my St. Lucy Day Celebration bookmark. I am trying them both out tomorrow - St. Lucy Day!!!

thank you Pam for so many

thank you Pam for so many great links this year. And too for all the inspirational idea's you have given me and as well all those cultureal facts and historical facts as well.
i enjoy still all your articles.
thank you for all the sharing and all the effords;-D
many dutch hugs

Jet you are so sweet and

Jet you are so sweet and kind.  I realize that much of what I am posting this season is a little off the beaten path but that happens to be where I am happiest!  Just like you!!!  

And thank YOU Pam, for

And thank YOU Pam, for mentioning Maya´s snowflake/star! :) I hope you have a lovely Lucia - soon we're off to watch the 'Luciatåg' (Lucia train) at Alfie's Kindergarten - wish you could join us! xxx

Thanks for sharing the link

Thanks for sharing the link to the woven hearts! Wouh! Need to try some of them!