Christmas in July Give-a-way

July 25th is officially "Christmas in July" in our family! 

While Diane and Michael were growing up, we would celebrate by visiting our favorite Christmas shop in Scottsdale, AZ  called the Scandinavian Shop to select an ornament for the Christmas tree.  Actually - we usually came home with more than one each. We couldn't help ourselves!  There were millions and millions to choose from!  The walls and ceiling were completely covered in garlands decorated with so many ornaments even the "pine needles" were invisible!

This year to celebrate July 25th, I am going to give away the ornament above which has been on our family Christmas tree for the past 30+ years.  Since I gave Diane and Michael all their ornaments long ago so they could put them on their own trees, I don't have one from our July 25th trips to share.  But this is one Diane and I picked out on a Christmas shopping trip together many years ago, and with her permission I am giving it to one of you! 

To be eligible to enter the drawing, please leave me a comment telling me the one thing you love most about the winter holidays!  Comments will be closed for this drawing at midnight July 24th and I will announce the winner on July 25th.

Good luck to all!

Okay I know I'm way too late

Okay I know I'm way too late for this but I just had to say my favourite thing is seeing little faces on Christmas morning filled with delight.

I forgot to add what I like

I forgot to add what I like best about the winter holidays ... I don't have to work and it is a time to get together with family, especially those far away.

When I was a child, I got to

When I was a child, I got to stay with my grandparents during the holiday season in Minnesota. I will never forget the smell of Ostakaka baking in the oven, and Swedish boiled egg coffee on the stove. My grandparents made me feel that I was important,and worthy of love. Because of them I learned how to love and nurture my own children. I would even eat grandma's lutefisk just to have another christmas with them...

I just discovered your blog

I just discovered your blog from someone that visited my blog .. isn't that how it always works out? I'm like you in wanting to learn to knit socks ... maybe next month.
That is a beautiful ornament you are giving away for Christmas in July. I just started Christmas shopping, it's never too early to start. Of course the crafting gifts for Christmas started right after last Christmas.
I'd love to be entered into your contest.

One of my favorite things

One of my favorite things about the winter holidays is listening to old Christmas music on the record player. My parents gave me the records they used to play on Christmas morning when my siblings and I were kids. My favorite is one from the 70s. It's all pipe organ Christmas music! It brings back so many good memories :)

Oh, it is beautiful!

Oh, it is beautiful!

The thing I loved most about

The thing I loved most about winter was Christmas and the church candlelight services. We always enjoyed celebrating Jesus' birthday by going to church and listening to the cantatas that my dad and the choir would do.

Napping. Yep, napping. I love

Napping. Yep, napping. I love snuggling up at one end of the sofa and dozing for a bit while the family's laughter and conversation envelopes me. The ornament-laden tree sparkles in front of the window as the short, short winter day slides into evening. Full of good food, wonderful fragrances and warm, happy feelings, I drift off into that place between awake and asleep and feel ever so grateful.

I think what I love most is

I think what I love most is the calm moments after gifts are wrapped, under the tree, kiddos and most of the adults are in bed. I love looking at the tree with all the other lights off, just thinking about the year, Christmas' past, and just thinking about the reason for all the celebrations.

I love the idea of a July 25th/Christmas in July!

I don't know if I'm past the

I don't know if I'm past the deadline, but what I love most about christmas is that it's okay to be a kid. I like being a kid at heart all year long, but sometimes people won't lighten up enough to think that's okay. When everyone knows it's okay to be a kid at heart, that's when the FUN begins!

Great to meet you and visit

Great to meet you and visit your blog! Sister Diane is one of my favorite earth dwellers and I am adding you to my regular blogs too. Thanks for sharing the ornament!

I love the general atmosphere

I love the general atmosphere the winter holidays bring. People smile more (or is that I take more notice?) and seem to have a more tender heart toward others (or am I missing it the rest of the year?). And, although it doesn't snow in my neck of the woods, we do receive showers of blessings to help carry us through the new year!

Nice to meet you today!! My

Nice to meet you today!!

My favorite thing about Christmas is making handmade gifts - my family (the adults) tries to swap exclusively stuff that we've made or modified in some way! I love thinking over the list of creative gifts I've given and received over the past few years since we started the tradition.

I love making and giving

I love making and giving gifts! I also love baking and sharing all the Christmas goodies. Mmmmmmmm.

Thanks for the fun Pam!

I like all the Christmas

I like all the Christmas music and yard decorations at night.
Sarah in Houston

I love the smells of

I love the smells of winter....the holiday candles, the apple cider, the fresh snow outside. I also love decorating the Christmas tree. I look forward to that day all year!

The whole idea of family and

The whole idea of family and how that's when we celebrate that. Last year was the first Christmas morning I woke up with my now husband (our families live far apart) and this year will be my first as a wife! And (hopefully) in our new home (still renovating). It's so exciting.

Christmas always brings hope

Christmas always brings hope for a better tomorrow,which is why I talk about it as often as possible.We have a Stitch & Bitch group and we stress the spirit of giving at each and every weekly meeting.

I live in the other

I live in the other hemisphere and as such we don't have winter. What i like about the christmas holiday is the family togetherness and memories created and shared!

Thanks for the cute xmas in july giveaway!!

What a neat giveaway! My

What a neat giveaway! My favorite part of the holidays is just being with my family. It sounds cheesy, but I could give up any of the traditions and all of the presents as long as I had my family near me on the holidays. :)

Christmas is always so

Christmas is always so special. We have 3 1/2 year old quadruplet grandbabies (and their big 5 year old brother), and Christmas is such a big deal for them, and makes it all the more special for us.

What a super idea to give away an ornament!

Sarah J Doyle blog

What a nice idea, Pam! This

What a nice idea, Pam! This is a vintage ornament by now, so someone will be happy to receive it.

We no longer put up a tree that is either real or fake. Half the time we're with our family in Europe and other times we may be away just for ourselves.

Now we have a beautiful 'permanent' tree made of stained glass and a frame/stand made of wrought iron. We bought it last year and it stays in our living room all year round. It isn't very tall but it is cheerful. It has a red bird fastened at the top where the angel would be and 3 red birds in the centre pane. I think it's supposed to be the Three French Hens of the Christmas song the 12 days of Christmas. We of course no longer have to worry about ornaments, but I make it special for Christmas with a cream and gold cloth for underneath the tree where the presents go. And of course, presents make any tree festive!

Good Luck with your Give-away! Some lucky
persn who has a real (fake) tree with branches will love this:)

It's a beautiful ornament, too.

What a sweet thing to do Pam

What a sweet thing to do Pam but how can you bear to part with it after all those years? And to think you bought it in AZ.

My favorite thing about Christmas is spending it with my family.

What I love most is having my

What I love most is having my kids home. The family is together for an entire day, and we share memories from past Christmases, when the kids were little.