Winter Village

When I was growing up, Christmas seemed to take FOREVER to arrive; and now that I am an adult, it seems to be over before I know it. I prolong the holiday season by putting up a winter village on November 1st.

A village never even entered my mind until my little sister gave me this horse and carriage and the "pub" as a gift 10 years ago.

After Christmas that year I happened to stumble across this little church in a drug store. On sale! And this Victorian house marked down to $1.00 because the turret was broken off.

And this Art Gallery and cool little white tree also on sale. I took the hint!!! A village was born!!

So the next year and every year since, I have been adding one or two new pieces - or three or four or five.........

A who house......

And, Bumbles the Abominable Snow Monster of the North. He prefers to hide in the forest with the forest creatures. The squirrels are new this year in recognition of my husband's ongoing battle with the squirrel population in our own small forest!

Near the forest, I place a mirror "pond" and a little deer in memory of my great grandmother who always would create a little winter scene in December. She whipped Ivory Flakes to make "snow" and piled up "snow drifts" around a little mirror pond. She added a bottle brush tree forest and placed three deer at the water's edge. The six year old in me thought this was a magical wonderland. I've never forgotten it.

I encourage any one who reads this to begin "building" a village, especially if you have children or if like me you are still a child at heart. Begin with one or two pieces, and add a few more each year. There are several inexpensive options on the market, or wait until after the holidays to find sale items. If you are crafty, another possibility would be to make your own houses out of heavyweight paper. Find house patterns here and here at Better Homes and Gardens.

Good luck!

This is just lovely! So

This is just lovely! So sweet! My daughter would play with it for hours!!!