Brigid's Cross Woven with BARC Wood Grain Paper

Brigid's Cross Created Using Barc Paper

Brigid's Cross made with my new found favorite craft/art material - BARC Wood Grain Paper (made using real wood) and a beautiful Brigid's Cross design created by Michelle Pacey. I guess you can tell by now I am pretty crazy in love with Michelle's cross design!

And more importantly, I am in her debt for teaching my crafty eyes to see possibilities in a wide range of materials for building Brigid's Crosses!

If you want to make a Brigid's Cross quickly and with little fuss, this little version is a good candidate. BARC Wood Grain Paper can be used in Michelle's tutorial in exactly the same way as cereal box cardboard - in fact it is nearly the same weight and behaves in a very similar fashion.

Barc Paper Brigid's Cross process

While making my "wood snowflake" using BARC Wood Grain Paper earlier this month, I never even gave the possibility of using the material for Brigid's Crosses a thought. For one thing, the 2MIL backing I was using - while perfect for bending and twisting into that fanciful 3-D snowflake - was way too plyable to be used in this application.

But then I remembered that I had two more weights of veneer backing to play with in the sample kit I ordered!

Hopefully in the image above, you can see the difference in the rigidity of the two veneer backing weights. The thin strips on top (leftover from the snowflake) are "white birch with 2MIL backing" - very very thin - and the larger piece on the bottom is the material I used for Brigid's Cross which is designated as "white birch with 7PT KRAFT Backing - considered a medium weight and similar to cereal box cardboard.

The sample kit which can be ordered here, also includes a much heavier sheet of paper backed birch wood veneer - veneer mounted to 12PT PAPERBOARD backing. This weight is quite sturdy and not so easily bent. FYI this is the sample kit I ordered.

Barc Paper Brigid's Cross process

I am in no way connected with ARC Crafts, the people from whom I purchase BARC Wood Grain Paper; but this is such a fun material with so many possibilities that I just have to pass along the information. You can learn more about the product right here! Be sure to click on the FAQ bars for more info.

While the material is often used in scrap-booking, and the heavier weights would make lovely journal covers, I am thinking there are lots more possibilities for this material yet to be explored.

The veneer accepts color from paint, gel pens, and Pitt artist pens beautifully, and I seriously toyed with the possibility of adding color to my little Brigid's Cross.

Barc Paper Brigid's Cross in process

The material also is available in a self adhesive version which would make cross construction using Michelle's method even easier!

So! There you have it! BARC Wood Grain Paper! Try it out!! Let me know what you think!

And if you are already a fan, tell me how you use it!

You created another gorgeous

You created another gorgeous Brigid's Cross, Pam! I've never worked with BARC Wood Grain Paper, but the projects you've made with it have turned out wonderfully! Look's like you'll definitely be ready to celebrate!

Arielle, when you get settled

Arielle, when you get settled in, and can set up a crafty space again, order a sample kit to play with!  I think you will enjoy working with the material.