Tomte! Be My Valentine!

Tomte!  Be My Valentine!

I am soooooooooo in love with my new Alan Dart Tomte! Just finished him a couple days ago. AND I am totally in "crafty love" with BARC Wood Veneer Paper - which is what I used to make the sweet little prototype Valentine Danish Heart Basket he is holding.

The snow has prevented me from getting to my mail box to retrieve the fresh supply of BARC paper waiting for me so for now - this is it. But you will be seeing and hearing more between now and Christmas in July about how to make these - and more!

But for now - since Valentines Day is upon us I want to reiterate something I said in my last post because the more I think about it, the more I think it is a very good thing to do for Valentine's Day.

"I would like to propose that this year anyone reading take the time to leave a comment of appreciation on at least one blog that has provided inspiration or pleasure during the past year. More if time permits - but at least one. Commenting has all but died in favor of "likes" and other more instantaneous forms of social media. Tell your favorite bloggers you appreciate them."

And I want to add to that - show one unexpected bit of appreciation to someone who has made your life a little better this year. It can be a card, a single flower, a plate of brownies - just something to say thank you. It will make them happy and it will make you happy.

Wishing you - each and every one - a Happy Valentine's Day!

LOVE this tomte!!! Nice

LOVE this tomte!!! Nice work!! And happy belated Valentine's to you, Pam! <3

Thank you Kathryn!  I know

Thank you Kathryn!  I know you can knit, and the tomte is surprisingly simple to knit.  You might want to order the pattern and make one of your own!!

I saw this sweetie on IG and

I saw this sweetie on IG and it is still just as fabulous!!
I know what you mean about the 'likes' phenomenon. I try really hard to make a comment, even on IG. Once you're on a blog, or reading a tweet, or visiting a photo on IG, it's really very easy to put a comment where you eyes have been! we all love that. So, while blog hopping may take a desktop computer (in my case--since commenting or even viewing blogs on my iPad mini or my phone is really prohibitively difficult), once you're on the desktop format, you can easily comment. And while on your smart phone in IG or twitter, you can easily comment.

I hope your valentine's day was stupendous! I had a whole Valentine's weekend!

Haven't even been near IG

Haven't even been near IG lately and barely here!!  Ridig out a "bla"..

But you are the BEST about leaving a comment even on IG - and inspiration to all!  And you are right we all appreciate it that is for sure.

Happy Belated Valentines to you too!  So happy to hear you had such a nice long celebration.

LOVE the Tomte!!!! I too am

LOVE the Tomte!!!! I too am a huge fan of Alan Dart. If I had all the money in the world, I would buy every pattern he has! A couple years ago, I made a Tomte for my mom (in FL) in light blue (her favorite color) and white, but I so love the "woodsy-ness" of yours! I just finished Mr. Dart's "pumpkin guy" (my words, not his) and he stays out all year. I hope to finish a Nutcracker this year - I was thinking you did that one as well? I love your blog - definitely one of my favorites, and I thank you for all your hard work! You're inspiring! Yours in crafts, PJ

Thanks so much PJ for

Thanks so much PJ for introducing yourself - another Alan Dart fan!!  Yes I did complete the nutcracker and he is fabulous!  Just started St. Lucy and everytime I knit one of Alan's patterns I am reminded of his genius at creating three dimensional creatures from all those flat bits!!! (And the nutcracker has lots of flat bits!!!)

And thank you for your kind words about my little blog.  It means more than you can know to read them.

Wood veneer paper? Say what?

Wood veneer paper? Say what? I want to hear more! Pam, you and your posts are always teaching me something new, and for that I am so grateful. Your energy, your enthusiasm, your zest for life inspire me. Happy Valentine's Day!

Ann, BARC paper is the

Ann, BARC paper is the coolest material to work with!  I am having fun exploring it's more three dimensional possibilities.  I am pretty sure you would have fun with it as well.

Thank you my friend for your kind wishes on Valentine's Day!!!  Considering all the blogs you read to create your own wonderfully informative blog space, I consider your words a huge compliment!!!

You have one of the best

You have one of the best websites I have come across in ages. I've learned so much about your culture and customs of other lands, and that's cool in itself. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the little creatures, peoples, elves, gnomes, snowmen, horses, etc. that you create. We share a taste for sweetness and your artwork is amazing and so detailed. I love every piece you make and always look forward to seeing the next newsletter I get from you. Each has at least one or two things that tickle me, make me say "OH MY!!" or smile. That's a rare gift...and I thank you Gingerbread. I used to make gingerbread houses, take them to my children's classrooms with tons of candies in muffin tins and icing in ziploc baggies. They were able to decorate their houses any way they liked and take them home when dried. I still receive thankful letters from those kids - grown up now, of course - and now it's time to begin sharing this fun with my grandchildren. You give me so many ideas for items I want to try to make, and some I've given a whirl. Again,thanks for giving of yourself so freely and sharing your gifts with everyone with an open heart. It's a rare thing today, and I think people truly appreciate it when they see it. And it fills these pages of your site completely. Goodonya!! Have a beautiful week.

Goodness Dianne!  I just

Goodness Dianne!  I just don't know what to say!  When I wrote this request I really was thinking of other bloggers... but I deeply appreciate and am humbled by  the lovely words you have left here for me.  I am always always thrilled when someone shares that something on the blog has inspired or compelled a dip into a new experience.  

Sometimes when faced with the crafty blogisphere as it is now, I feel almost irrelevant and wonder if I am simply living an illusion in this space.  I can't decide if i should wake up or continue dreaming.  People like you and this lovely message make me want to keep dreaming!

Thank you so, so much for taking the time to write and share your feelings.

I agree, your tomte is

I agree, your tomte is amazing . . . PERFECT! Wonder how many hours you spent to create it? The addition of the bark woven VALENTINE basket is adorable! I just looked at both the Alan Dart and BARC websites & scrolled through the products, so THANKS as I bookmarked both sites. I rarely "like" a photo on Facebook. Usually I type a couple of sentences for a "comment." Sarah Helene, Minneapolis

Sarah, I so appreciate your

Sarah, I so appreciate your note.  And I also appreciate that you do take time on Facebook to leave "love notes" on items you like.

I discovered Alan Dart last year and have ordered several patterns but only recently found BARC and my mind just won't stop thinking of ways to use it!!!  FYI I do not receive any compensation - even free product - from companies so that my readers can be certain that anything i feature is straight from my crafty heart!!!

Really good job on the tomte

Really good job on the tomte ~ what a fun hat he has!

Rachel!  Thank you!  How

Rachel!  Thank you!  How lovely to hear from you!  Alan's hat is not quite so slouchy but a little tweaking made it so!!  

I LOVE your blog, and I also

I LOVE your blog, and I also have Andy's book The Butterfly Effect :)
Good for you encouraging us all to post a thank you to someone whose blog is special to us.
YOURS is special to me :)
I love you words and your crafts.

Mary, New Zealand.

Mary!  Thank you so much!  I

Mary!  Thank you so much!  I was actually thinking to encourage readers to comment on "other" blogs but ... I am certainly am pleased to hear from you and hear your kind words.

I was not familiar with the book at all.  Had to look it up!  But wouldn't it be great if lots of bloggers receive a little love because I flapped my wings!!!!  :-)

What a sweetie-pie, your

What a sweetie-pie, your little Tomte. I especially love the abundance of facial hair. :)

Sending love through comments is a beautiful Valentine's Day idea. Bloggers everywhere could use a little more support. And I admit to being a bad blog reader lately and truly neglecting my bloggy friends. I hope they will forgive my absence. :)

Michele trust me, your

Michele trust me, your readers adore you and completely understand your absence.  Mostly we are all just happy to have you back !!!

Your tomte is absolutely

Your tomte is absolutely gorgeous! Just love him! :) x

Sasha!  I had a feeling you

Sasha!  I had a feeling you were going to love him!  Don't you think I did a good job of making it look like he was hanging out in Sweden?? lol

What I love most about tomte's - no faces to fool with!!! The hat is the magic and the personality.

Yes - he certainly looks like

Yes - he certainly looks like he's a Swedish tomte! Thank you for YOUR inspiring blog Pam - your enthusiasm, your ideas, your knowledge - you inspire and you share - love your blog - thank you! ;) xxx

Sasha!  My goodness!  You are

Sasha!  My goodness!  You are so welcome and I appreciate your words so much.  What I love most about reading your blog is that you know exactly how to play with your children and now your daughter is teaching me how to make things!!!

He's ace!!

He's ace!!

Heh! Heh! Heh!  Why thank

Heh! Heh! Heh!  Why thank you!  I am pretty in love over here!

Your tomte turned out

Your tomte turned out ridiculously adorable, in a scruffy-looking woodsy tomte way! Oh my goodness, no wonder you want him to be your valentine! :) It's so much fun when our crafty project turn out to be ones we adore - and yours definitely is! Thanks for sharing the great photo!

Enjoy your snow for me, please! We got a few fluffy flakes yesterday afternoon, but nothing stuck. If it's going to be cold, I want snow! :)

Baking Valntine's cookies to deliver to neighbors and a few others this week. And prepping a list of bloggers I want to show my appreciation to, at your wonderful suggestion!

Sending lots of big hugs your way!

Oh Arielle!  What a sweet

Oh Arielle!  What a sweet comment you left for me!  Scruffy woodsy looking Tomte was exactly what i was going for!!!  

I am hearing snow is on it's way to you.  Just hoping it won't be too much.

Knowing you will be reaching out to bloggers you appreciate just makes my whole week!  Thank you!