Happy St David's Day and a Sneak Peak at my Easter Bunny!

Daffodils to Celebrate St. David's Day

Happy St. David's Day! Daffodils opened right on schedule - this one waiting for me when I stumbled out to the kitchen for morning coffee!


A perfect day for new beginnings - first stitches made on my Easter Bunny ears! More about this project soon.

Daffodils to Celebrate St. David's Day

And a perfect day to sip coffee and watch my daffodils open while the cold and rain are on the other side of the window pane!!!

That embroidery looks so

That embroidery looks so delicate and ymmy. Perfect accompaniment to daffodils.
I am gearing up for Easter egg decorating, but I keep being interrupted. I bet you don't know what that's like!!


Carina's embroidery patterns

Carina's embroidery patterns are always so cheerful and sweet - I love stitching them.  

Oh How those daffodils are

Oh How those daffodils are making me long for sunny days!!
I love the new embroidery!

Thanks Donna!!!  I am pretty

Thanks Donna!!!  I am pretty anxious to share the whole project!!!

beautiful daffodils!!! Mine

beautiful daffodils!!!
Mine are different (I'm going to publish a photo so you can compare them to yours), but I hope your daffodils are smelling good like mine!

Yes! Yes! Yes! They ARE

Yes! Yes! Yes! They ARE fragrant!  Deliciously fragrant! What an unexpected treat!

Happy St. David's Day, Pam!

Happy St. David's Day, Pam! Your daffodils are gorgeous! And I love the sneak peak of your Easter Bunny Ears! All those perfect, tiny stitches in beautiful colors! So much fun! Thanks for sharing with us! Big hugs!

Pretty thrilled they actually

Pretty thrilled they actually opened today!!!  Hoping but not expecting!!  Brightened a rainy day for sure!