Link Love: 5 Posts that inspired me to try something new!

Macie Alice Doll - knitted using pattern designed by Arne and Carlos

When I noticed that Diane and Tammy had begun their "Link Love" series again with "Five Posts That Inspired Me to Try Something New", I knew immediately I would be participating! Because, you see, I have been in a very different "bloggy place" of late and this theme fit "that place" quite nicely!

For five straight years, most all of my bloggy craft adventures have been focused on "creating and making for blog posts". And that is not a bad thing at all - I have acquired many new skills, discovered some cool new ways to craft along the way, shared a respectable number of tutorials, and created objects I will continue to enjoy for years to come.

BUT - there is this ever growing "list" - every year growing longer because nothing is ever crossed off as completed! A list of projects "brilliant other people" have designed and made available as patterns or tutorials - project I really, really want to make - like this adorable knitted doll designed by Arne and Carlos.

I never get to that list except to add to it!!!

However, this past year I have been feeling a gently persistent internal seismic shift in my focus - in case you haven't already noticed. I am making less "blog oriented craft" and instead blissfully plowing my way through "the list"!

But there have also been a few newer blog posts that - because of my "shift" - have escaped "the list" prison entirely! Because I am in a new place and more open to what comes along, when I run across them, I stop in my tracks and with intention, make them immediately! Or block out time to make them soon!

Wood Snowflake

This project was a serendipitous cosmic coming together of this Snowflake Chandelier and this Paper Snowflake! I had already ordered the BARC Wood Paper after finding the beauty chandelier project on Urbane Comfort, and when Maya published her instructions for making the snowflake on her Mom's blog (Squashed Tomatoes) - I knew exactly what to do with the Barc Paper! Making the Snowflake has inspired several new ideas for this wood veneer paper which I will be sharing this year!

Crocheted snowflakes made my Martine at IMake

Image by Martine at IMake

Martine at IMake introduced a Snowflake CAL in January. And even though I am a 98% newbie at crochet - especially flat (as opposed to Amigurumi) crochet), I could not resist joining in. Nothing to lose and everything to gain including practice at crochet and acquisition of a flurry of flakes for next winter!

Crocheted Shamrock pattern by Bobbie Lewin

Bobbi Lewin's crocheted Shamrock stopped me right in my tracks! Normally, the little pattern she offers for free on her blog would have gone right onto "the list"! Instead, in my new frame of mind - I dropped everything and crocheted three to wear as necklaces - just in time for St. Patty's Day!

Felted Easter Eggs by The Tiny Funnel

Image by Kimberly at the Tiny Funnel.

I have had "felted eggs" on "the list" for years! Have collected a whole bin plus bag of roving in a kaleidoscope of colors! This year - felted eggs are going to happen! And Kimberly's post on her blog The Tiny Funnel for making felted Easter Eggs is definitely the catalyst for movement of this project from it's place on "the list" to a pretty Easter basket!

Origami Bunny Egg Holders by Leyla Torres

With her little origami bunny egg holder, Leyla Torres (who shares her craft on Origami Spirit) has managed to circumvent my origami intimidation - which up until now, has been quite effective at keeping me safe from this scary paper craft! I have no idea if I will be successful, but I am definitely going to try! I love that bunny!!!

Won't you join Diane and Tammy and share five blogs that have made you want to try something new? Read how here!

I can't wait to see your

I can't wait to see your felted eggs!

Kimberly!  I can't wait to

Kimberly!  I can't wait to felt them!!!

Yaaay! Thanks so much for

Yaaay! Thanks so much for playing along with Link Love, Mom! I love the blogs you featured here.

Diane it is my pleasure!!!

Diane it is my pleasure!!!  BECAUSE - I get to share the work of bloggers I admire!!!  Hoping to be a little more active in the Link Love series this year.

Thank you very much for

Thank you very much for coming and visiting my place with my 5 blogs, and for your lovely comments. Really love your 5 too, and I hear what you're saying with 'the list'! For me Pinterest has a lot to answer for! The trouble is there just aren't enough hours in the day for all the wonderful things to create. My son really likes origami so I'm hoping I'm going to set him on to the bunnies, they're gorgeous, and that'll be one thing off my list! Thanks again.

You speak to some things here

You speak to some things here that sound so familiar! I have been very guilty of falling into the "craft-to-blog" trap. And oh do I have a huge list! I am also trying to focus more on creating just because I want to, and then remembering to blog it;) I like the idea of sharing five blogs. I'm going to put some thought to this!

Happy Lady Day Pam; I bet you

Happy Lady Day Pam; I bet you are having waffles today :)
Love Gill.

Why yes indeed, Gill!  I AM

Why yes indeed, Gill!  I AM having waffles today!! :-) And working on my primstav!

I love the wood veneer

I love the wood veneer snowflake! But I am going to stop everything I'm doing and make the origami bunny egg holders!! I love those. I am grabbing the tutorial and going on a search for my origami paper now. Thanks for sharing!

Tsoniki!  I am so happy to

Tsoniki!  I am so happy to hear it!  Have fun! Sounds like you already know origami, so I am sure your results will be beautiful!

Kudos to you for making more

Kudos to you for making more and posting less!

Annette - I am seeing that

Annette - I am seeing that trend among many of the long time bloggers.  I must not be the only one with "the list"!! :-)