Five Years of Easter Egg Goodness!

Easter Egg Tutorials Easter Egg Tutorials

Easter Eggs have been the focus of my past five Easter celebrations on Gingerbreadsnowflakes! My egg baskets are full! Before I move on to to my new focus this year - bunnies - I've put together a little link guide to the past five years of Easter egg goodness.

From the top left and moving clockwise:

Brown Eggs Deliver Intense Color : Mosaic Easter Egg  : Faux Pysansky : Eggs colored with Kool-aid : Coloring with Onion Skins - Three Methods : Pysansky Tangle Eggs : Temari Easter eggs : Onion Skin and Natural Food Based Colors Experiments : Dinosaur Eggs!

Easter Basket filled with Fiber Eggs

And not to be forgotten - a guide to felted, knitted and crocheted Easter egg! 

Embroidered Felted Easter Eggs

And a tutorial for making perfect straight lines for embroidery on felted eggs.

Only three weeks left til Easter!  

Your Tamari eggs are just

Your Tamari eggs are just gorgeous! What fun ideas for Easter eggs, thanks for sharing them! :)

Kathryn!  Thank you!  

Kathryn!  Thank you!