My sweetie in the garden fixin' breakfast! Blueberries! Very, very healthy food! Easy to freeze! Fun to pick! Yummy to eat!

I have said this before, but it bears repeating - if you have a u-pick farm near you, take advantage of the opportunity to spend a morning out in the fresh air picking your own produce and saving LOTS of money. And I mean LOTS!

And this applies to all u-pick produce, not just berries. But since it is berry season... well - let's do the math!  One typical berry basket, like the one above, retails in stores and farmers markets for $3.00 to $4.00 each and weighs just barely over 1/2 pound. 

U-pick farms sell their u-pick berries for $1.25 to $1.65 a pound.  That means you save between $4.35 and $6.35 per pound when you pick your own!  We picked 30 pounds of blueberries and saved ourselves $130.00.

We eat a lot of berries at our house - especially blueberries.  We totally love them and they are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Most of those we pick, we freeze for use all year long. I use them in muffins, pies and smoothies. My sweetie eats them on his granola every morning.

While I was picking in the berry field, I over heard a woman tell her friend that she drops frozen blueberries into her cooked oatmeal every morning!  The hot oatmeal defrosts the berries, and the berries cool the oatmeal!  As soon as the weather cools down, I am giving that idea a try!


Wash your berries in lots of running water, drain in a strainer and then place on a rimmed cookie tray lined with several thicknesses of paper towels.  Pat the tops of the berries gently with another layer of towel.

Pick through the berries and remove stems and dried blossoms.

Transfer berries to another rimmed cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

Cover loosely with another sheet of wax paper and place the tray in the freezer until frozen solid - about three hours. Transfer to freezer bags.


Introducing my very vintage, much loved crock pot!

It is just too hot to bake in the oven on these 100+ days.  So, instead of making my traditional blueberry pie, I decided to try making a Blueberry Slump in my crock pot! Outside on the deck! 

I used a recipe I picked up from the Pumpkin Patch which is very similar to this one from  Although their blueberry slump recipe is only available in the produce market on the farm, the Pumpkin Patch does offer other great recipies for fresh fruits and veggies right here.

Right in the crock pot, mix the cornstarch and sugar, and add a tablespoon of cornstarch.

Add the berries and mix. Cook on low about an hour and then cook on high for an hour stirring occasionally.

Berries will be cooked and liquid slightly thickened.

Mix up the "dumpling batter" adding 1/4 tsp. nutmeg and replacing the oil with 1/4 C. butter cut in small pieces. (I shred mine while it is ice cold).  Drop the batter on top of the berry mixture in the pot.

(See... I told you that material I used to make my pinatas looked almost like biscuit dough!)

Cook on high for about 30 minutes and peek at the dumplings. The dumplings should be fluffy and cooked through.  Leave them a little longer if needed.

Let cool in the crock pot about 45 minutes.  Serve with ice cream if desired.

Enjoy berry season!



Oh I am so jealous of all

Oh I am so jealous of all your blueberries too as they are my favorite fruit and have them on my breakfast every morning. They are so good for you too. I love your antique crock pot and it looks a bit like the old one I have. What a great recipe too and so simple. Thanks for sharing.

Major yum! I am not a

Major yum!

I am not a blueberry fan. But I have to say that once a year, I take a batch of blueberries and separate it into little baggies and freeze them, and then I take each one out and let it get a little warmer and then put it in with yogurt or cottage cheese. They get a little condensation on them, they start to soften a bit, while the insides stay crystally and cold and yummy, and then I look at them for a long time and then I eat them.

It only seems fair.

I am so jealous of all those

I am so jealous of all those wonderful blueberries! We love them as much as you two. :)

I'm going to have to try your Blueberry Slump one day soon. I'm getting hungry just looking at those photos.

The blueberries are ripe here

The blueberries are ripe here as well. We have picked alot to have for the whole winter.

Great post! I'm hoping to

Great post! I'm hoping to get over to a nearby farm on Sunday morning - I heard there are lots of berries & they're about $1.99/lb.

I love blueberries and add

I love blueberries and add frozen ones to oatmeal too. Thanks so much for your comments today btw - much appreciated! And thanks for the slump recipe - must make it. So glad your zany heatwave has ended; we haven't had our turn at one this summer. (yet!)

Now I am envious! all those

Now I am envious! all those lovely blueberries!

A favourite way for me to use

A favourite way for me to use my frozen blueberries all year is to put some in the bottom of a container, cover with yogurt and pop into my lunch bag. At lunch time I sprinkle some All Bran buds over the top, mix and eat. So yummy!
Thank for the blueberry slump crock pot recipe, I'll be trying that one for sure.

Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your "frozen blueberry yogert " recipe with everyone! My sweetie will love this. I invite anyone else to share!  I do have - well 30 pounds - in the  freezer!

I feel so lucky to live among

I feel so lucky to live among so many farms! :) We have a u-pick blueberry place about a mile from where we live! Do you know if it's too late for raspberries? I still want some if I can get them. And I love going berry picking with my two small sons (3 & 1-1/2). It's such a fun activity with little ones, eating, picking, doing some work and some play.

You are indeed lucky, Heather

You are indeed lucky, Heather to live so close to a u-pick! And bravo that you are giving your children this experience. I bet 20 years from now, picking berries with Mom will be a treasured memory for them.


Raspberries?  I wish I knew the answer to that one.  It would be my guess this heat wave has fried them to a crisp!  But during summers that never reached record breaking heat, I have picked fresh raspberries in September!  So, it never hurts to check.  Many u-picks will let you pick berries even if they aren't advertising them - you will just have to work harder than you would during peak season and a lot of people complain about that so the farms don't advertise availability.   If I find any - I will let you know right away!