Butterflies in May: Punched Butterflies and Yarn Wrapped Grapevine Wreath

Punched tin butterfly and grapevine wreath

A few new butterflies added to my Butterfly and Yarn Wrapped Grapevine Wreath!!

How to make tin butterflies: info right here and here

How to wrap a grapevine wreath using colorful yarns: tutorial here on Duo Fiberworks

Butterfly wreath detail 2

I love the color that Katie's idea of wrapping sections of a grapevine wreath added to my wreath.


Took a bit of patience but so worth it, don't you think?

This wreath is displayed on the front door from Easter until October!

Punched tin Butterflies done - for this year!!! Back to embroidery!

Dear Pam, i was searching for

Dear Pam,
i was searching for some helpfull advice to use folie, and to try to make beads of them, and even coloured ones.
On google i found nothing, so i thought suddenly of you.
because you have made beautifull items of folie.
So perhaps i found on your site which things i have at home to use insteade off buying paint .
i still like your site and all the things you've made,
so stylisch and perfect done and creatively.!
thanks for all the sharing and the great tutes of yours

I love these butterflies. I

I love these butterflies. I still have the ones I made after seeing this on your blog years ago, and I think of you every time I see them!! Love them on a wreath!

Rebecca!  What a lovely

Rebecca!  What a lovely surprise!  I just came in from your "namesake' garden and there was a message!!  As i recall - you were using the fluttering butterflies as a mobile  to discourage birds from attacking your strawberries!

just gorgious, well

just gorgious, well done!!!
thank you for the sharing , very inspirational
have a good weekend;-D

I love this combination. You

I love this combination. You have a magical way with tin - fantastic!
Happy weekend to you. x

Joanie!  Playing with tin

Joanie!  Playing with tin does FEEL like magic!!!

Lovely wreath, I bet it

Lovely wreath, I bet it looked good even without the butterflies, but with them - really gorgeous.

Actually Sally, you are

Actually Sally, you are right!  Katie's wrapped twig idea really transformed the grapevine wreath and it is quite pretty on it's own.  Butterflies are the frosting!  Or is it the yarn!  :-)

It IS a bright and happy

It IS a bright and happy wreath, Arielle!  I never tire of it and am loving it even more with the additional butterflies.  It definitely need a few more.

What a bright, happy wreath

What a bright, happy wreath you made, Pam! So pretty! Thanks for sharing your photos with us!