Yarnia PDX Bulky Weight Wool Blend is Perfect for Holiday Snowflake Hot Pads.

Yarnia PDX bulky yarn used to create giant snowflake hot pad

Yarnia PDX has successfully made the big move to it's brand new location in Portland - 3773 SE Belmont! And as soon as I got the word, I popped in to make up a cone of bulky 100% wool for giant hot pad size snowflakes!

Yarnia PDX New Location and Giant Snowflakes!

And here it is!!! Almost a whole pound of beautiful wool blended at Yarnia! To make the hot pads safe for hot casseroles right out of the oven, Lindsey suggested we stick to Brown Sheep sport weight wool. To achieve a bulky weight we used four strands of winter white and one of a soft moss green.

Yarnia PDX bulky weight yarn makes a perfect giant snowflake hot pad

I added the soft green because I did not want pure white (gravey spots!) and I use lots of evergreen colors on holiday tables! But I imagine a pale icy blue would make very frosty and pretty snowflake as well.

Yarnia PDX New Location and Giant Snowflakes!

A "J" size crochet hook with the bulky weight yarn is perfect for giant hot pads on holiday feast tables! ( Mine measures 10" and apparently requires about 1.5 oz of bulky yarn!)

As many of you know, I am participating in the SnowflakeCal this year hosted by IMake on Ravelry. The first few months while I was getting my feet wet, I was simply playing around with scrap yarns from my stash! Now that I know exactly how I want to use my snowflakes, I am "goal oriented"! Giant snowflakes to use as hot pads and teeny tiny snowflakes (1") to hang on my Charlie Brown Tree.

The Yarn for the large snowflakes was all that was missing! So now I have a bit of catching up to do! I am two months behind.

Since most of you reading do not live in Portland - did you know that you can use the Custom Yarn Creator to create your very own snowflake yarn!!! Lindsay will make up a cone and ship it to you!

Yarnia PDX New Location and Giant Snowflakes!

Have to share a few shots taken in the new Yarnia space!! All this lovely color just makes my eyes happy! And my weaving fingers are starting to itch really bad! (Fortunately I have my crochet finger covered! And my knitting fingers are busy with Yarnia socks!

Yarnia PDX New Location and Giant Snowflakes!

I am loving the new organization of pre-made Yarnia cones! Very easy to find the weight you are looking for in these storage islands. Worsted and Bulky here. DK, Sport and Fingerling have their own "island" spaces.

Yarnia PDX New Location and Giant Snowflakes!

Yarnia Kits are displayed on an adjacent island! Everything is easy to find and easy to see. And the natural light that floods the space makes the colors sing!

Of course, you can also order all in one kits and pre-made yarn from the on line shop here

Yarnia PDX New Location and Giant Snowflakes!

Cozy nook in progress for knitting and crocheting test swatches OR taking a class!! Lindsey is offering free in store classes to introduce the shop to the new neighborhood! Beginning Knitting and Crochet on Wednesday evenings 6:00 to 8:00.  Register here

Yarnia PDX Grand Re-Opening!

Grand Reopening Party is this coming Friday, June 27th 5:00 to 8:00. Mark your calendar and drop by!!

And hopefully some of you will decide to join me in the SnowflakeCal!  It is never too late!  And it is lots of fun!  Very cool people making snowflakes there!

Your hot pad turned out

Your hot pad turned out gorgeous again, Pam! Love how happy it makes your Christmas-y table! And so glad you had fun at the grand re-opening! So much yarn goodness to enjoy! Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

Looks like a lovely new

Looks like a lovely new opening!

It IS a lovely space,

It IS a lovely space, Kathryn!  And I absolutely love working with Yarnia yarn!