Hello Again! Happy Michaelmas Season!

photo of red

Many years ago - many, my family persuaded this shy, nearly friendless teen to enter the Junior Miss Pageant. Since I was not particularly talented, I decided I would speak. And what I shared with that huge, invisible audience hiding in the darkened auditorium were words from Confuscious:

"It is better to light one small candle, than to curse the darkness."

And so, I am taking my own advice and returning to my blog and to craft. During this time when I am often feeling sadness and loss, and when it also seems I must put on my big girl panties dozens of times a day, I am turning back to what I love, what I know, and what gives me satisfaction, comfort and pleasure.

The next post will be all about how I turned those bright red leaves on the little jar above back to bright red after they had faded into the soft, dull gold color you see in the leaves on either side of them.

Garden pal

In the meantime, here are some bits of beauty from my fall garden. My new friend Jaz (short for Jaspar) who was allowed to hang out for several days in my curly willow until I realized he was eating it!

Added 10/2/2104:  Just learned these little guys freeze solid in winter and when they thaw in spring - THEN they pupate!  Read more here.

Tomato crop

The tomato vines have given up their fruit -


most of the crop - tucked away in the freezer.

Indigo Rose tomato

And a happy surprise this year from seeds saved from tomatoes enjoyed at a "pot luck" last fall.

Indigo Rose tomato

A new variety of cherry tomato developed at Oregon State - "Indigo Rose". Absolutely delicious variety and very disease resistant. And they produce like crazy! Even when they have been completely neglected.

(Must have been the chicken manure!)

I have been gone from my garden most of the summer and am so grateful that fall gardens do have their own gifts to share.

Pam, the bounty of your fall

Pam, the bounty of your fall garden is like you coming back here to blog. You are doing what you love and what is rewarding to you, but you're also giving us all a gift. (Maybe I'm being sappy, - but really, the skills and projects that you generously share with the internet is so awesome. I can't say it enough.)

It's nice to see the tomato harvest you had! I think I had a handful this summer and am probably just going to stick with a few potted herbs in future gardens. (sigh). At least I have farmers markets to visit, I'll have to blog about those next summer.

Tammy!  Definitely NOT sappy.

Tammy!  Definitely NOT sappy.  Just a lovely sentiment from a friend.  And your words simply confirmed my resolve to return.  Bg ole smiley face right here and thank you!

Your tomato harvest must have been a disappointment for sure, but don't give up!  A few years ago all out plants were nearly wiped out by mildew in a matter of a couple weeks time.  The next year - a most excellent crop!.  

Look at all of those

Look at all of those tomatoes! Yum! So good to see you blogging again <3 Kathryn

Thank you Kathryn!!!  Getting

Thank you Kathryn!!!  Getting practice for Scandinavian Christmas! xo

Dear Pam, i'm so happy to

Dear Pam, i'm so happy to find a new post of you in my inbox mail.
Good of you to try to back to things that makes you happy.
Grieving isn't ending, but it helps when you give it a daily moment.
I have learnd this by friends of mine.
And yes indeade it's helping to turn to the happy things and beautiful ones to enjoy.
I did the same and still does.
i loved the leaves on the candle, and your picts of the tomatoas. gorgeous and bright coloured. as well the of t he hairy pillar?
we call those just rups. and the hairy ones procesion rups.
The walks likes if they had to do a procesion;-D
But they are not nice for your longs.
Very pretty to watch it on such a beautiful pict of yours;-D
And yes they eat all your vegetables.LOL
Thank you for t he sharing and be gentle with your self and take good care of yourself and take some cake as well;-D
Many dutch hugs of me and gentle headbumbs of my furie friends;-D

Thank you Jet.  I am still

Thank you Jet.  I am still trying to catch up and reply to everyone, I am sure it will take time.  So many priorities right now that require my attention and time.

I am so grateful to Diane for bringing blogging into my life - I can see that it will provide a comforting retreat while I heal and rebuild my life.

I'm so happy to see you

I'm so happy to see you blogging again, Mom, and tuning into the little delights that still parade through our days, even in grey times. I just roasted the last of the tomatoes you gave me from your garden last night, and we ate them with pasta. Delicious!

Is it wrong that I have an impulse to make you a pair of fantastic "big girl panties" now? With sequins and everything? (Except... Ow. Sequins.) :-)

Diane, as you well know, I

Diane, as you well know, I didn't expect to be back for some time, but once the impule to share my little candle trick hit me I knew the time had come and that it was needed.

"big girl panties"!  Well, if you are making them to wear - no PC please! And definitely no sequins.  Hexies would be nice tho!

HAHAHA! Dang, I had a whole

HAHAHA! Dang, I had a whole PC thing figured out. :-)

Big hugs to my friend! SO

Big hugs to my friend! SO happy to see you back here creating beauty. It will do your soul good, not to mention the rest of us.
Sending this with much love and lots of hugs.

Always happy to get your hugs

Always happy to get your hugs Teri.  It definitely feel right to be here. Although I won't be posting with my usual frequency or intensity.  Or maybe i will.  Just going with how i feel and what feels good to share.

Hi, Pam! welcome back! I'm so

Hi, Pam! welcome back!
I'm so happy to see you here again!!!
Your new friend Jaz looks so funny, eh eh :)
And I love the posts about what people grow in their garden! Those tomatoes looks yummy. They have a different colour from italian tomatoes, they really are "cherry". Interesting!

Silvia, the minute I began

Silvia, the minute I began feeling the urge to blog, l paid attention.  It has always been a huge source of inspiration, creativity, and right now when I need it most, I am hoping, that it will provide proof that I really am in here somewhere. 


FAB PHOTOS OF BEAUTIFUL FRESH TOMATOES from your garden . . . YUMMY! LOVE the look, the shades of redness of the Indigo Red cherry tomatoes in the last photo. I just pop them one at a time in my mouth & taste all the juiciness erupt! But those I enjoy are purchases from the co-op in our neighborhood, not home-grown in a backyard garden. We had 4 tomato plants in our veggie garden, but due to the bad weather, we only harvested several medium-sized tomatoes now & then. Thanks for sharing. Sarah in Minneapolis

Thanks for stopping by Sarah.

Thanks for stopping by Sarah.  I didn't realize the Indigo Rose had made it beyond the immediate local.  Yay!  Everyone should have a plant!!!

Hugs, my friend. Grief is a

Hugs, my friend. Grief is a difficult place to dig out of. But we are here to help you.

Thank you Phyllis.  I know

Thank you Phyllis.  I know you know  grief all too well.  Notes and words of support and love from this community of amazingly lovely people I have met through blogging have been incredibly important and comforting. I am so grateful.

I like your quote, your

I like your quote, your candle jar looks gorgeous, I'm very envious of your tomatoes and if that's a caterpillar then he's very impressive! Do you know what kind of butterfly moth he becomes?

Sally, I just looked up fuzzy

Sally, I just looked up fuzzy brown amd black caterpillar on google!  The "Woolly Bear" caterpillar actually turns into an Isebella Tiger Moth.  But before it does, it winters over in it's woolly form even surviving freezing solid!  Read more if you are interested.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrrharctia_isabella


We are getting so many more than usual this year - smaller but more.

So glad you are back on your

So glad you are back on your blog and sharing bits of yourself with all of us again.
Poor Jaz, he didn't know he had it so good and had to muck it up with a zesty appetite, lol
Can't wait for your leaf installment!

Dawn, My sentiments exactly.

Dawn, My sentiments exactly.  I would just toddle out every morning and afternoon to say hello and enjoy coffee or tea.  Can't believe it didn't register he was there for a reason other than entertaining me! lol

Yes!  I am pretty excited to share my little trick with the leaves!

Good to see you back Dear

Good to see you back Dear Pam.
We are having beautiful autumn weather, and the leaves are gorgeous this year.
I too must strip my tomato vines, but sadly I have more green than red still! I must also get to picking the last of my blackberries and to putting out a little Michaelmas display.

Your lantern is beautiful, and so are those tomatoes. Thank goodness for gardens.

I am so happy to have you

I am so happy to have you stop by, Gill.  It is always so hard to accept summer's ending and to say good bye.  Spring in the north (as you well know living even further north) takes a long time to return.

Everyone has been asking me what those black/green things are growing on my tomato plants!  They ripen into rich red and indigo little beauties, full of juicy goodness!  Absolutely delicious variety.

So happy to see you back

So happy to see you back again! God bless you! I just want to say I thought those cherry tomatoes in the last picture were actually CHERRIES! They look it, don't they? Beautiful! Love those purple ones too, from the pot luck! WOW! See you round again soon!
xoxo- Julie

Julie!  Actually the green

Julie!  Actually the green and black is a "before" shot followed by the ripen version I was about to devour!

My sweetie hid a couple in my purse for seeds so I have already saved seed for next year.  Hopefully I can keep them growing for many many years.