Finally! I Can Share A Lovely New Quilt Design!

Grandmother's Cutting Garden Quilt

The secret is out! Diane's very cool Grandmother's Cutting Garden Quilt is finished, photographed, and the pattern is in the shop and on Instagram. So now finally I can brag about it!!!

You Mom's know how it is, right? And you understand? And you support me in my belief that my daughter is very talented, right?

Seriously, I really do love the pattern and the concept behind it. I would never - despite my absolute infatuation with EPP and hexes in particular - never, never even entertain the idea of making 1,000 plus hexes. But this quilt design - actually seems quite doable indeed. Tempting even! My Muse keeps nudging me and saying "just think how much fun it would be to make all those pretty flowers!" "How much fun to pick the fabrics for all those pretty flowers!"

Another aspect of this new design that I love is that Diane's 'Grandmother's Cutting Garden Quilt' updates a very old and much beloved pattern giving it a very modern look and feel that would be at home in almost any setting. The choice of fabrics can actually completely change it's look and mood.

And… I am thinking that if Grandmother's Cutting Garden is used to make a baby quilt, it will never have to be packed away because it looks too childish.

Diane has gone the extra mile and provided very detailed instructions that even a brand new quilter can easily follow and make a beautiful flower bedecked quilt!

Read more about Grandmother's Cutting Garden Quilt in Diane's own words here! And visit her shop and order the pattern here!

this is gorgeous. I love the

this is gorgeous. I love the color blocking! It's classic beauty.