Great Gift Series: Gorgeous Calendar for Every Gardener on Your List!

Beautiful Lunar Planting guide and calendar! 2

I am so excited to learn about this artful and informative guide to gardening - and even more excited to get my hands on the ones I ordered! It is a perfect gift for friends, loved ones, office mates, anyone on your holiday gift list who is a gardener!

And when you place your order, you might as well order one for yourself! You will definitely want one of your own! Just so you know - I have thoroughly researched Christmas, Yule, Twelfth Night, St. Lucy Day, St. Nicholas Day and Winter Solstice and I can find no rule anywhere where it is stated that it is not OK to buy yourself a gift or two!! No Winter Holiday sheriff either!

Beautiful Lunar Planting guide and calendar!

"Gardening by the Light of the Moon" is lavishly illustrated - eye candy for any wall! And considered the best Lunar Gardening Guide on the market today!

Actually - here is a bit about it in the author's own words!

The Guide is based on astrological tradition about the best times to plant, weed, water and fertilize according to the Moon. This valuable information about Moon phases and signs has been combined into an easy to read Wall Calendar.

The Guide includes monthly explanations of how each zodiac sign affects the garden, gardening tips, book recommendations and inspirational quotes. Every day is clearly marked with optimum gardening activities that are in sync with the Moon phase and sign. The beautifully illustrated vintage botanicals make this a great gift for any gardener or plant lover.

Beautiful Lunar Planting guide and calendar!3

Some benefits of the Guide:

• Eliminates hard to read charts found in traditional lunar planting guides

• Offers practical advice that really works

• EASY to use – just follow the daily recommendations

• Beautiful illustrations that everyone loves

• Hints, tips, recommendations for gardeners at any level

• An Explanation Page about how and why Moon phases and signs influence growth patterns in the garden

Early summer garden

The calendar author, Pam Ciampi, has been a gardener all her life and is a certified professional astrological consultant in the San Diego, CA area. She has authored three almanacs titled, 'Gardening by the Light of the Moon' which explain gardening practices that are based on moon phases and zodiac signs. Many of her articles including 'Stars over Lascaux' and ' Bringing the Moon down to Earth' have been featured in national publications.

The calendar designer, Min Harris, is multi-talented, apparently both a right and left brain person! If you are starting a business or already engaged in one that has you about to become unraveled - you might want to click over! Min knows exactly how to help!!

And just so you know - both of these amazing women - are my sisters-in-law! The Harris side of the family - every one - brilliant and talented!

Order your copy and gift copies right here!!!

Dear Pam, I am still trying

Dear Pam,
I am still trying to get my spring bulbs planted, in between snow flurries!
But I wanted to let you know that Arne and Carlos are in my local town at the Jule Expo doing workshops all weekend! So guess where I am going tomorrow ;)
Thank goodness I have finished my coastal ripple blanket which is for my dear sister for now I can put away my crochet hook and get out the knitting needles :)
Wishing you a good weekend too,
Love Gill.

I hope you are going to be

I hope you are going to be sharing your visit with Arne and Carlos!