St. Lucia Day and the Beginning of Scandinavian Christmas

St. Lucy's court

Happy St. Lucia Day - the official beginning of the Scandinavian Christmas season December 13th to Christmas Day. And the beginning of "Scandinavian Christmas" on the Pickled Herring blog.


Scandinavian Christmas 2014 button

Kathryn opens the 12 day celebration today with the cutest Tomte Wine Bottle Stoppers you can imagine. Pop over right here right now! You will definitely want to make a few as bottle dresser-uppers - for your own table and as gift toppers. (Some of you make your own vanilla or very special liqueurs as holiday gifts - a Tompte topper would be the perfect presentation. Everything needed is probably already in your stash. They take all of ten minutes to make. And they will bring smiles throughout the holiday!

Scandinavian Christmas St. Lucy, Star Boy and Christmas Gnomes

I am thrilled to have been asked again to participate in Kathryn's annual celebration of all things Scandinavian; and because I have had so many requests for instructions for making Lucy and Star Boy, I decided the "Scandinavian Christmas" series would be the perfect place to share them.

Tomorrow - December 14th - is "my day" on the 2014 series.

If you are wanting to know how to make any of the figures at the top of this post (Lucy, Star Boy, short round Tomte or tall thin Tomte) the full instructions will magically appear here on the Pickled Herring tomorrow. I have included two different candle crown variations - one variation that can be made using felt, paper or colored Mod Podge film, and the other made with yarn and a bit of recycled foam.

Scandinavian Christmas St. Lucy, Star Boy and Christmas Gnomes

And for the most part, the items needed are most likely right in your stash!

Scandinavian Christmas begins now! And lasts through Christmas Eve Day. Don't miss a single post.

And to catch up on previous years you might have missed, click on the Dala Horse right on the side bar. It is a direct link to all the previous years worth of Scandi-Christmas goodness.

Those figures are so

Those figures are so gorgeous! Hoping you have a peaceful Christmas, and that you find a way to make it a joyous one too XXX

Thank you Sally!  Happy to

Thank you Sally!  Happy to hear you like Lucy's Court!  It always makes me smile and i was so happy to have the chance to share instructions on the Pickled Herring.

Thinking of you this evening.

Thinking of you this evening. Love Gill

Thank you so much Gill for

Thank you so much Gill for all your notes and reminders that you are thinking of me.  Helps more than i  can ever say.  All of the kindness and love sent my way from the lovely people I have met through this blog this season  has been a huge help in bolstering my spirits.

Oh my goodness Pam, your

Oh my goodness Pam, your figures are wonderful! Off to read the how-to.

Oh Ann, thank you!  I am so

Oh Ann, thank you!  I am so happy to hear you like them..

I love them!! Happy Saint

I love them!! Happy Saint Lucia day! (How are you doing?)

Happy Scandinavian Christmas

Happy Scandinavian Christmas Season!  I am doing OK - thank you for asking.  One foot in front of another.