Sunny Afternoon in the Company of Birds

Wildlife enjoying a sunny afternoon

Haven't been doing much with my half finished projects I shared last fall BUT I have had the opportunity to get out in the sunshine and play with my camera again. And just so you know I AM actually back as promised in the last post, I thought I would share these lovely creatures that persuaded me to pick up my Lumix and join them as they played in a little pond across the street from Craftypod's digs.

Wildlife enjoying a sunny afternoon

Mandarine ducks were everywhere, hiding in nooks and crannies, and they provided proof that even decked out in their wooing finery, they are well camouflaged.

Wildlife enjoying a sunny afternoon

Very hard to get close to any of the red wing blackbirds even with 18x - they tend to keep their distance. Love their song. So many were hanging out at the pond on that day welcoming warmer weather, it sounded like a cacophony! Beautiful music!

Wildlife enjoying a sunny afternoon

Three Amigos enjoying a cozy spot to relax, and listen to the concert!

Wildlife enjoying a sunny afternoon

And a female friend snuggled into lush grass for a nap - apparently sleeping through the concert!

Wildlife enjoying a sunny afternoon

And finally gorgeous Mandarine Ducks proudly showing off their splendidness! And keeping a very close eye on me!!

Such nice duck pictures! The

Such nice duck pictures! The mallards are so beautiful it's hard to believe they are so common. I always think something so gorgeous should be rare. I hope this year will be a good one for you.

Thank you Ellen!  I am off to

Thank you Ellen!  I am off to a slower start than intended, but making progress forward.  

The Mallards are very used to having people around as they have chosen to hang out at a pond surrounded by trails and people bearing gifts of food!

Beautiful photos! I've never

Beautiful photos! I've never seen mandarine ducks before -- they're so pretty!

Daisy,  Yes indeed they are

Daisy,  Yes indeed they are beautiful - Still can't believe I was given such a great opportunity to spend time in their midst. I sure hope you get to see one.

Beautiful photos, thanks for

Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing! I am inspired to seek out wildlife when the snow is all gone (maybe May?).

Tammy!  You can always go on

Tammy!  You can always go on a little hike and look for tracks in the snow to see who has visited when you were sleeping!  Friends who live up in the Forest find scores of them in the snow every morning.  Sometimes tracks of cougers appear on their deck which would unnerve me A LOT!

Beautiful photos, Pam! Thank

Beautiful photos, Pam! Thank you so much for sharing them with us! Especially loving those ducks on the water! Gorgeous! Sending big hugs your way!

Thank you for stopping by

Thank you for stopping by Arielle!  It was  perfect light that afternoon for capturing them.

And thank you so much for all the lovely notes and treats you have been sending to remind me that your are thinking of me.  I will be writing you soon. Am beginning to make some progress on e-mails sitting in the box for what seems forever.  .

Beautiful photos! Thanks for

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. It is nice to know that there is Spring somewhere!

Thank you Donna!  It's coming

Thank you Donna!  It's coming your way - I promise.  Spring has come almost too early to the PNW.  We are all on pins and needles we might get a late freeze.

Oh, you KNOW I love the

Oh, you KNOW I love the birds, and especially redwing and yellow-headed blackbirds! who sing so prettily among the reeds and at marshes. Love love love! And when they pop their heads up or spread their wings... even better!

I'm very glad to see you here, my friend. few people are blogging any more, and even when everyone was, you stand out among them.

Like the lovely blackbirds.

Thank you for stopping by

Thank you for stopping by Chrissy!  I am indeed trying to get back into the rythum of blogging again.  Still enjoy it so much, 

Hi, hi Pam, i'm reliefed to

Hi, hi Pam, i'm reliefed to hear something of you.
Your ducks picks are making me smile, we having the same here!!!!
Swiming in the canals and the river.
And it makes me thinking of spring. Spring is a good thing it's making me allways much happier and smiling and softer to other people.
I hope it helps you as well.
I'm still amazed of your sharp and bright picts.
I know you are a prof but they are so good and allways makes me smile and happy.
so thank you for your articel and how the sounds have been sounding.
and as well the lovely picts of yours
Many dutch hugs and soft headbumps of my girls
jet XO's

Jet, you are so kind always

Jet, you are so kind always and I appreciate your continued support.  Thank you for that and for your kind words here.  First time I have picked up a "real" camera in probably 8 months.  I'll write soon, I promise,

Gorgeous photos, and getting

Gorgeous photos, and getting out in the fresh air duck spotting looks just as wonderful as crafting.

Yes, indeed, Sally.  I have

Yes, indeed, Sally.  I have been wrestling with a craft project I really don't want to make but promised but today played with needle felting - trying to complete my felted Dala.  As relaxing and healing as the afternoon at the pond!

Beautiful pictures, Pam! The

Beautiful pictures, Pam! The ducks look so peaceful it makes me want to nap. :)

Thank you Kathryn!!!!

Thank you Kathryn!!!!

Beautiful!!! Thank you for

Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing.

Karen,  How nice to see a

Karen,  How nice to see a comment from you!  I especially appreciate it because I know how busy all your gorgeous knitting and crochet must keep you!  Thank you .

Isn't it lovely to watch the

Isn't it lovely to watch the seasons change in nature. I am watching birds too, as the first of migratory flocks are returning. Theses first swans and geese still have a 1000 km to go on up to the Arctic, but we are a popular resting area in both spring and autumn.
Love your photos, Pam.

Thank you so much Gill!  Very

Thank you so much Gill!  Very nice to hear!


I wonder where these ducks will go next!

Hey there! Kuddos to the

Hey there!
Kuddos to the ducks for enticing you
to take selfies for them!
Our crazy Georgia weather has trees holding tiny blooms.
Daffodils in surprising places and I noticed my hyacinths today!

So great to hear from you

So great to hear from you Annette!  Thank you for stopping by.  And just so you know, you aren't the only ones having a weird spring, Dogwoods are done, Ornamental Plum is done, my daffodills still haven't shown any sign of blooming.  Lots of warm sunny days!!