Advent Countdown Calendar 2015 Update #2

Knit and Felt pattern by Marie Mayhew

I have been knitting and felting and embellishing to my heart's content - and then some; trying to keep on schedule to create a new Advent Countdown Calendar featuring tiny ornaments made using patterns created by Arne and Carlos and Marie Mayhew. So far so good!

Today's post is dedicated to ornaments made from Marie Mayhew's patterns available on Etsy (Woolly Something Shop); Craftsy (here) and Ravelry (here).  Some of these ornaments were made from patterns available in her new book "Whimsical Woolies", available here on Amazon or here in her Etsy shop.

Knit and Felt pattern by Marie Mayhew

Although I share most ornaments the minute they are done over on Instagram, it is time to make sure I update my blog friends!!

Knit and Felt pattern by Marie Mayhew

The original mushroom pattern is for a red 'shroom with white spots, but I did a bit of needle felting with roving to create more of a wild portobella appearance.

Knit and Felt pattern by Marie Mayhew

Knit and Felt pattern by Marie Mayhew

Two sides of Marie's Christmas Ball pattern using my own needle felting designs for the 'shrooms. That is what I love so much about Marie's book, she teaches the basics and then inspires you to let your own imagination run free on the lovely felted surfaces!!!

Knit and Felt pattern by Marie Mayhew

Marie is waaaaaay more skilled at applying and felting yarn to the ball surface than I am, but her techniques are in the book and offer all kinds of possibilities. I added a bit of embroidery as well. Not my favorite effort so far, but that is my fault. I think I used the wrong size yarns for the size of the 2" ball and I need more practice!!

Knit and Felt pattern by Marie Mayhew

But my little Nisse turned out perfectly!!! I used the Woodland Gnome pattern in the book. A few wispy wild hairs here and there turned it into a respectable Nisse!!!

Knit and Felt pattern by Marie Mayhew

The mini Nisse is very tiny compared with the regular sized Santa version of the Woodland Gnome! And as is quite apparent - more mischievous! Instructions for making her gnomes and 20 other knit/felt decorations and creatures are shared in Marie's book.

Now you are up to date!!! At least with Marie's ornaments. Those made from patterns by Arne and Carlos will appear early next month!!

Hi Pam, those are soo cute

Hi Pam, those are soo cute and well done the needle felting , i like the felted gnomw of yours. It looks fun to me to start.
but... i must finishing my plans which i have crocheting for setting them outside.
I will send you some picts when i have done it.;-D
And i'm workiing on my xmas gift tags. It's just a tiny joke this time;-D
Have a good nice day many Xo's

Yes Jet, I know all about

Yes Jet, I know all about getting caught up in projects and then finding something else I want to do!!!  I am so glad I started this project however.  I need another advent countdown calendar like I need a hole in my head, but it has been an incredibly fun adventure!!!!

Pam, these are sooooo

Pam, these are sooooo stinkin' cute!
My favorite is the owl, shown first.
You have made Marie proud with your work!

Nancy, you are so wonderful!

Nancy, you are so wonderful!  When I make the "stinkin' cute" category, I know I have gotten somewhere!!!  I love that owl too.  So quick to knit and felt and finish.  Always adorable.  Marie just plain rocks.  I love her patterns so much - guess THAT is obvious!!!

I am currently knitting up 5 mini Matilda witches and can not wait to get to the embellishing stage!  5 teeny goblins each with a different colored face.  Too much fun!!!

Thank you so much for dropping by and for your lovely comment.


Marie, thank you!  Haha I

Marie, thank you!  Haha I thought of you the whole time I was working on the nisse just because I remember that we both love making the Santa versions of the Woodland Gnome.  

Actually, I am knitting 25! Roughly 12 of each designer. I will place them in a large basket and place one on the tree each day from December 1 through Dec 25.  Your ornaments knit up so fast and are so much fun to embellish!  I am sure I will make it!!!

Pam, I love them! especially

Pam, I love them! especially that little santa guy (nisse) and that wintery matroyshka doll, love it! I really like that idea for a countdown. Are you really going to knit up 40 ornaments? I might do the 12 days of Christmas as starters! Wish we lived closer and could hang out and knit together! Thanks for your support and sharing with us.