Advent Countdown Calendar 2015 Update #3

Ornaments made in September for the Countdown Tree

Family Portrait! Magnus Garden Mouse full size with his brand new baby sister, Hilda!

Hilda, named after a lovely Instagram friend and the "fastest knitter in Norway", is one of 25 miniature ornaments I am in the process of making for my new Advent Countdown Calendar featuring miniature versions of favorite knitting patterns from Arne and Carlos AND Marie Mayhew (see here).

Hilda was knit using 1.5 needles and Knitpicks Palette fingerling. I knit her little sweater a little longer than the pattern so Hilda would have a proper sweater dress! The patterns - except the santa hat - are from "Knit and Crochet Garden" by Arne and Carlos (here).

The Christmas balls are miniature versions of the ball pattern found in "55 Christmas Balls to Knit" by Arne and Carlos (here).

The little ball on the left is one of my favorite patterns - Handcraft Border. It was knit using 1.5 needles and lace weight yarn.

The 'shroom ball - a miniature version of a pattern I created using the chart provided in the book put there to inspire our own creativity! Same needle size and yarn as above.

And on the right, A simple version of the knitted ball using a self patterning yarn from Regia. This little larger version made using 1.75 needles and fingerling yarn.

Those of you who are fast knitters, have plenty of time to create a knitted countdown tree using the simple patterns by Arne and Carlos AND Marie Mayhew. Not interested in a countdown tree - make a bunch for package tie-ons that become ornaments after!!!

I love these updates and

I love these updates and FINALLY thought of a reason to knit an ornament (since I don't have a tree at my house). Housewarming gifts (to maybe tie around a bottle of wine)! I was invited to a knitter's house for a party next month and all of your Christmas ornaments came to mind as I thought of "what should I bring"? Now, I will have to get to work, I think I have time to get the Arne & Carlos book and get knitting.

Tammy!  What a great idea!!!

Tammy!  What a great idea!!!  I am passing it along to Arne and Carlos!!They will appreciate your creativity as much as I do!

I'm so glad you're still here

I'm so glad you're still here on the internet. Thanks Pam! I'm definitely having a resurgence in crafting & wanting to blog about it all... and you know if I post it in a comment on here, I will HAVE to do it now!

I am glad to be back, Tammy

I am glad to be back, Tammy and even more importantly that there are still friends who have not deserted me in my sketchy year of posting.  I really feeling the urge to "make" and have been catching up on projects planned for last year!!!  I makes my heart happy that you are back too, my friend.  Sometimes I guess we just need a break to remember our deepest selves.  

Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your update! Too cute! They're going to make a perfect addition to your countdown!

Hilda and the balls look

Hilda and the balls look lovely on the silver dollar "bush" I have in a vase so I am going to love them on the tree I am sure!!  Still need to find the time to remove the protective seed coats!!!  But making progress!!!  Working on a rustic Dala ball and a little sheep right now!!!

Hi Pam. such a cute idea to

Hi Pam. such a cute idea to use those mices and the knitted ball ornaments for a count down calender.
I still love your idea's , they are making me inspired and smiling;-D

Dearest Jet,  Thank you!!!

Dearest Jet,  Thank you!!!  Always glad when something I do brings a smile or inspiration!  As you can well imagine, I have been giving every free moment lately over to knitting and knitting and knitting!!!  Only 7 more to go now to have the full set of 25 done!!!

What delightful creations! I

What delightful creations! I love each one, including the Christmas balls.

I had admired a friend's Swedish cookie tree which she decorated with cross stitch ornaments but could never find one myself. She asked her uncle to make one for me! So I have an awesome tree that needs some decorations. I hope to get at least one ornament made this year.

Misty!!!  A Swedish Cookie

Misty!!!  A Swedish Cookie Tree????  Is there a picture you might like to share with you BFF!!!!