EPP Pumpkins for Halloween

EPP Pumpkins

I love having lots of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns around this time of year! Most of us do!!! But it kills me to have to watch them rot away. So in order to have my cake - er Halloween candy - and eat it too, I decided a couple years ago to indulge my fascination with fiber pumpkins!


This year - Diane invited me to join the Halloween EPP Blog Hop and it just seemed the perfect time to add two EPP pumpkins to the collection.

The blue pumpkin is shaped to resemble a sugar pumpkin (pie baking pumpkin) and the orange and black to resemble those lovely little mini pumpkins - like the ones featured at the top of the Halloween EPP blog hop post here!!

The entire project is completed by hand, no machine sewing necessary.

EPP Pumpkins

To keep things very simple, I used 60 degree, 2" diamonds for the blue pumpkin and cut several diamond templates in half for the triangle fillers.

Six center diamonds were fussy cut from the pumpkin face fabric, twelve fussy cut from the blue batty fabric and twelve triangles cut from an orange leaf print.

The fabric diamonds and triangles were laid out in the order seen above, templates were glued in place and the fabric basted over the template. Each basted piece was returned to it's place once completed..

Rows of basted templates were stitched together diagonally.

EPP Pumpkins

Once all rows were stitched, they were joined together as shown. Note the orientation of the two sides.

EPP Pumpkins

They will fit perfectly together. Just place right sides together, one diamond or triangle at a time and stitch!

EPP Pumpkins

Once the join stitching is completed, you will have a cylinder. Press.

Remove the basting threads and template papers.

EPP Pumpkins

Using a needle and double thread (or heavy button hole thread) make 3/8" to 1/2" stitches along the top and bottom about 1/4" or less from the edge. I like to tie a knot at both ends of the thread to prevent it from pulling through while I gather the opposite edge!!

Once gathering stitches are in place, draw up the bottom edge and tie off. I like to leave a small opening rather than draw completely closed.

Halloween EPP Blog Hop

For the mini pumpkin, cut the diamond templates in half and assemble triangles as shown. Again stitch diagonally, join the strips, and gather as instructed above.

EPP Pumpkins

Stuff the pumpkin. The amount of stuffing depends upon the pattern. If the pattern is important, then more stuffing is needed to help fill out the form. However, notice that on the blue pumpkin, I did not make my stitches very tiny and they really stretched under pressure. The stitching on the mini is much tighter and resulted in a better looking seam.

Once stuffing is complete, gather the top end and tie off.

Using a long upholstery or doll needle and worsted weight yarn, add as many segment lines as desired, drawing up tightly as you work to create a pumpkin look.

Tie off the ends of the yarn at the bottom and stuff into the opening to create a little decorative finish.

EPP Pumpkins

Although stems could be fashioned using fabric or could be needle felted, I used stem ends removed from sugar pumpkins I roasted for pies. These are easily glued in place with good old Elmer's Glue. Depending on the size of hole left when gathering, the stem can be placed into the hole as it was for the orange mini or glued on top of the hole as it was in the case of the blue pumpkin.

EPP Pumpkins

Check surface for little threads, adjust the segment yarns, smooth out any bunched up fabric and enjoy!

All detailed information for obtaining or making diamond templates, basting, stitching, nesting flags and working with diamonds and triangles can be found in "All Points Patchwork" by Diane Gilleland.  Order her book  here

And be sure to visit all the other participants in the Halloween EPP blog hop pictured below!!

Hi Pam love your pumpkins

Hi Pam love your pumpkins made from the all points patchwork! Love your choice of fabric your pumpkins turned out very fun! I'm going to make some of these great pumpkins thanks for the great tutorial. Have a happy harvest season.

Thank you Heidi!!  I am sure

Thank you Heidi!!  I am sure you will enjoy EPP.  And if you don't have time to do all the hand stitching, remember that you can make cloth pumpkins from a cylinder of fabric instead.

What a great idea to have

What a great idea to have fabric pumpkins
it is sad to see the pumpkin faces and patterns shrivel

Oh Lyn, it is so nice to have

Oh Lyn, it is so nice to have company!!!  We now have farmers shooting pumpkins out of cannons!  Terrible waste when they are supposed to be very good for us to eat!!  Anyway - no more guilt for me!!! lol

I love these! Such a clever

I love these! Such a clever idea.

Well Daisy, you just made my

Well Daisy, you just made my whole day!!!  Thank you!!!  I am anxious to make more!!!

These are delightful! It is

These are delightful! It is so interesting to see how they are assembled. Cool idea to save the stems from previous pumpkins!

Thank you so much Misty!  I

Thank you so much Misty!  I really wanted something that would be very simple to add to the fiber pumpkin colection!  I always bake several sugar pumpkins, and freeze them for pumkin pies for Diane's Birthday and for thanksgiving.  I am pretty much a scratch baker.  So glad I had a good use in mind for them this year.  But i can't take credit because even though I thought it was a good idea of mine, I have recently seen other pumpkins somewhere with natural stems probably on IG.

I love your EPP pumpkins! I

I love your EPP pumpkins! I have the same orange yellow and black circle/dot fabric - have to try one of these!

Maureen! Thank you so much!!

Maureen! Thank you so much!!  Do you really have that fabric?  I have had it forever - used it for my very first quilting project and had only a few scraps left.!!  Love it so much.  Hoing you will have time to make a pumpkin.  These smaller versions do go together pretty quickly.