Meet Sean Hernandez - Photographer and Master of Enchanted Light

Lake Tahoe, Nevada / Image by Sean Hernandez at Now 2 Eternity Photography

Rock Castles  - photograph used with permission from Sean Hernandez at Now2Eternity

Don't you love this image! The actual rock artist is unknown - and his work would have been lost and forgotten had it not been for the fortuitous happenstance that led to Sean Hernandez stumbling upon the "Rock Castles" left behind while they were still in tact.

He immediately set about studying the rock statues from all angles until he found the composition he wanted and then waited for the sun to work it's magic. This image completely draws me into it, giving me the feeling that I have entered another world or another time. I wanted very much to share Sean's magic with my blog readers and thankfully he was open to the idea.

There is a feeling of enchantment about Sean's images, otherworldliness too. And this IS after all a time when there are expectations of enchantment and magic afoot!!! So what better time to share the work of this lovely friend I have met on Instagram?

Lake Tahoe, Nevada / Image by Sean Hernandez at Now 2 Eternity Photography

Sean, known professionally as Now 2 Eternity, weaves a sense of incredible beauty into nearly all his images. I have no idea how he does it, but see for yourself here on his Instagram page (which you can link to right from your computer) or mobile device. Search now2eternity

The two images shared above were taken in the Lake Tahoe area. And if you visit his gallery here, you will not only see more of his amazing images from Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area, but from the San Francisco area and Northern California as well. Click on one of the four images to see each gallery.

Now, brew a cup of tea, grab a few cookies and look for these two images shared above on Sean's Instagram page here, as they illustrate two parts of a seven part story written by Nancy at A Brilliant Distraction (you will find her here).  Sean's images inspired her story, which she named "Rock Castles".  I hope you will take the time to read it beginning to end.  You will find yourself richer for the experience of these two artists' collaboration.

I just recently learned that Sean is a wedding photographer! Find more here! He definitely knows the best locations for those amazing bride and groom "landscape" shots in Northern California!

I hope I can persuade all of you to come join us at Instagram! It is the coolest place ever to find amazing and talented and very kind individuals with interests similar to your own. Just let me know you are there and I can direct you to some awesome people you will want to meet in both the crafty world and the world of photography!

Thank you Sean, for letting me share your images here on Gingerbreadsnowflakes!!

Hey Pam! I just wanted to

Hey Pam! I just wanted to thank you for your wonderfully amazing words! You have made me smile really big! Have an incredible week.

Thank YOU Sean, for your

Thank YOU Sean, for your wonderfully amazing images!  I am grateful for every one you share and for your friendship and encouragement.  It is my pleasure to be able to share your photography.

The Instagram accounts you

The Instagram accounts you share are a FEAST for the eyes. Thank you for this excellent link, I am going to enjoy following now2eternity, his work is really magnificent.

Oh Tammy this is wonderful to

Oh Tammy this is wonderful to hear!  A FEAST for the eyes is for sure.  I was pretty timid about stepping into the world of photography on IG, but I have found a most generous and warm welcome there not to mention amazing talent.  I am hapy to hear you are following Sean's IG.  He has a very upbeat personality and the photographic vision of a magician.