Advent Countdown Calendar 2015 Update #4 and Sharing New Arne & Carlos Ball Patterns (They're Free)

Advent Countdown Tree Knitted Ornament Update

Advent Countdown Ornaments scheduled for completion in October are done!! In fact, I ended up with six!! One being a replacement for a ball made earlier this year I do not like!

During October, I concentrated on knitting Christmas Balls designed by and inspired by Arne and Carlos and their book "55 Christmas Balls to Knit", because I was introducing the collection of little Marie Mayhew inspired mini goblins I finally got around to completing this October.

But I did knit/felt that adorable little wooly sheep using the pattern and instructions in Marie's book "Whimsical Woollies" which you can order right here! She offers three variations for her sheep pattern - wooly, loopy and curly locks. My favorite - curly locks. But I had no curly locks in my stash, so I made do with some of the lovely yarns I still have in my stash which were purchased in the early 70's for weaving!

The three ball ornaments on the right are basically variations of patterns available in "55 Christmas Balls to Knit": top right "Tricolor", knit to resemble stained glass; mid right "Dovre" knit using leftovers form the lovely DragynKnyts Yarn, Beach Ball to add unpredictable color to a repeated pattern; and bottom right a basic knitted ball incorporating leftover sock yarn from Arne and Carlos design line for Schanchenmayr Regia - here.

Advent Countdown Tree Knitted Ornament Update

A little rework of my original design for a Dala horse ball worked out much better this time around! Dala is knitted in Knitpicks City Tweed DK in honor of my Aussie knitting buddy, Tony at Bonito Club! He happens to be knitting all 55 ball patterns in Rowen fine tweed.

I have included the large ball (original pattern size) to show size comparison as all three were knit using DK yarn. The largest ball using 2.75mm needles, Dala with 2.0 needles and finally the little gift ball also using 2.0 needles and a brand new mini size pattern created by Arne and Carlos.

Advent Countdown Tree Knitted Ornament Update

As you can see above, the new mini ball (right) knits up to be the same size as the mini balls I have been knitting using the original pattern, almost lace weight yarn and 1.5 needles (left) . But, I am here to tell you the new mini patterns designed by Arne and Carlos using DK and 2.0mm needles knits up much faster and easier!! (FYI Tony uses 3.0mm needles.)

Click on this link and discover 24 beautiful mini knitted ball patterns designed by Arne and Carlos and provided free right on the Schachenmayr site! The basic instruction booklet is written in several languages, and the patterns can be obtained for download by clicking on each ball.

And if you are so inclined, there is a link to the Schachenmayr knitted ball template and design tool available as well! I have designed three new balls using this tool and have already knitted one of them! If I, "missy tech-challenged", can do it, anyone can!!!

About that teeny tiny ball in front!! That is also one of the new mini patterns! BUT I really really really wanted to see how tiny I could go so, I used my 1.25mm needles and lace yarn to make the heart mini! It is just a hair over 1" in diameter. Perfect size for Magnus' little sister Hilda to carry for the holiday festivities!

I also understand that yarn stores carrying Schachenmayr or Paton yarns will soon have booklets containing instructions and the patterns - free with purchase of one of these yarn brands. Most of us in the USA can't seem to get them yet, but I am sure it won't be long and in the meantime, thanks to Arne and Carlos, they are available online.

Hoping everyone is getting into the spirit!!! 50 days to go!!!

Pam, how did you get the

Pam, how did you get the curls to look like that on your little sheep? How cool is that! Very exotic looking. You are so creative. Happy Thanksgiving, Pam!

Oh Marie, thank you so much

Oh Marie, thank you so much for stopping by as I know you are so busy these days!!!  Pretty much as I mentioned in the post, I do not have locks and since that was my favorite sheep of the three you share in the book, I decided to improvise and use some stash bits - all of which I have had in there since the '70's.  They looked kinda curly and a bit knotty! I needle felted on a layer of roving and then needle felted the curly bits on top.

One day when I get my hands on some lovely white locks, I will make one just like yours because I still love it best!!!!  

But one of the things I love about your patterns and designs is that they spark imagination and encourage one to add their own touches.  I have just finished the knitting of the final three ornaments for the tree, and I hope to illustrate that further. I think a designer is most successful when they offer a spring board for creativity! 

For that reason, I will never stop playing with your amazing patterns.  And still so many yet to make in the future!!

I love your sweet little

I love your sweet little sheep! And your Christmas balls! It is all wonderful! I have been knitting tiny Christmas hats and working up a small Christmas quilt wall hanging. :)

Awwwww Misty, Thank you!  I

Awwwww Misty, Thank you!  I HAVE been making great progress but at the expense of my house keeping, gardening chores, and just about everything else!!!  If I could live on Cherrios I would probably do that too!!  xoxox