Everlasting Gingerbread Ornaments to Brighten Your Holidays

Everlasting Gingerbread Ornaments Created by Nancy Paine

Image by Nancy Paine  : Seasons of Joy

Before it's time to share the beginning of Advent, I really want to share the incredibly beautiful and Christmassy ornaments made by a new friend I met on Instagram recently. Her name is Nancy Paine. She goes by the name Seasons of Joy. And she makes Gingerbread Snowflakes!!!

Delightful, sparkly, fanciful, inedible and everlasting Gingerbread Snowflakes for hanging on Christmas trees, holiday wreaths, garlands, in windows or tying onto special packages.

They are also perfect as gifts for teachers, party guests - or hosts for that matter, young couples just beginning their collection of Christmas tree ornaments or anyone you want to remember this holiday season with a small but special gift.

Everlasting Gingerbread Ornaments Created by Nancy Paine

Image by Nancy Paine : Seasons of Joy

Diane (craftypod) and I actually discussed the idea of making small gingerbread houses as ornaments years back. We decided against the idea for many reasons.

Brilliant cookie designer Nancy on the other hand, solved all the problems that brought our plans to a screeching hault, and came up with the cutest little everlasting Gingerbread Houses you could ever imagine twinkling on your tree!!

And she makes Angels! Bells! Stars!

All available right here on her Etsy site "Seasons of Joy".

She is also on Instagram (she just posted new bells going into the shop soon) and on Facebook; and see more of her beautiful designs on Flicker here.

Thank you Nancy for allowing me to use these images so I can share your sparkly gingerbread goodness with my readers and friends.

Pam, Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for featuring my art on your blog! You are such a sweetie, I am so blessed to have met you via Instagram! You are so talented, in your art, my friend, and so inspirational. I wish you a peaceful Christmas and holidays!

Oh Nancy, it is always my

Oh Nancy, it is always my pleasure to share the beautiful and unique work of others here in this space.  Your cookie ornaments are just so spectacular I just had to share them!!

Hello Pam, I have spent a

Hello Pam,
I have spent a busy happy weekend decorating the house for advent ( lots of purple and white ) and have started to set up my Nativity cribs, so I thought I'd pop in and wish you a peaceful and joy filled Advent. Love Gill.

Oh Dear Gill, I have been

Oh Dear Gill, I have been thnking of you as well as I have also been preparing for Advent.  In place of my big tree this year, I have 8 Advent Calendars to open each day.  And hopefully I will now get to work on my own nativity.  

As always - sending you warm hugs and lots of Christmas love.

These are beautiful!

These are beautiful!

Hi Liz!!!  Thank you for

Hi Liz!!!  Thank you for dropping by!  I think Nancy does a beautiful job on her ornaments.  Just had to share them.